Friday, October 05, 2007

Lazy Day

Yesterday I had an official lazy day for myself. After getting the house picked up and beds made and Baily dressed and stuff like that I decided that I was tired and I deserved some lazy time for myself. I haven't watched tv except during my Tuesday night shows in about a month or so so I watched my shows that were recorded. I loved this week's episode of The Biggest Loser. It was sooo good and totally motivating. I got a little teary eyed at parts (yes... I know I'm overly emotional) because I could really relate to how some of the people felt and I was just so inspired and motivated. And SVU was good as well... although I didn't really care for how it ended.

After my scripture reading I also took time to read some of my book. Oh man is it addicting! It's so good. I wasn't able to read it non-stop but in between playing with Baily and doing other daily tasks I was reading frantically. This book totally grabs you and pulls you in. I'm not sure when I'll have time to read as much as I did yesterday but I may have to pull some all nighters!

Last night Andre had his football game and it's the first one we missed. It was away at Mesa High but since he had to miss a practice for a Dr.'s appointment he said he was pretty sure he wouldn't get any playing time. So since Robert's softball
games were during the same time we went to the softball games instead. Robert did awesome last night. The team barely lost the first game but it was a really good game. Then they finally got their 3rd win during their 2nd game. The games were finally earlier this week at 6:30 and 7:30 so it was nice not to be out so late. Baily got filthy and had a blast. She was quite the little beggar. She got food from everyone around us. I kept having to apologize and tell these people that I really do feed her and that she's usually not that filthy dirty. They were all so cool and said she was so cute they couldn't resist. After the game we got some grub from Whataburger and went home and chowed down. And I just have to note that for the first time in a while (sadly), I got butterflies in my stomach as I was checking my husband out. He is still so hot and I just love him so much. And like I said he played awesome last night. There's just something about a man getting dirty and playing rough!


Cordova Family said...

Yay, they won!! Now we can have happy hubby's!! I can't believe you got sucked in by the book, the only reason I can say that, is because I haven't read it yet! I know I will too!! Have a happy day!

Becca said...

Everybody deserves some downtime now and then! I brought those books with me today but didn't have time to drop them off. I'll bring them by on monday :) I'm glad they sucked you in, you picked a good time to read them, so you can just breeze right through the 3 without having to wait for each one to come out! But now you will just have to wait with the rest of us poor suckers for #4 next year.

Amalee said...