Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh My Aching Back!

I feel like my productivity level and energy are going downhill by the day. I went to bed last night with a determination to get so many things done today and it just didn't happen. I hate feeling lazy and unproductive but I seriously just don't have the energy or physical ability to do much at this point. My back pain is almost unbearable at times and any small amount of activity makes my back just throb with pain. And I still feel really weak and light-headed. I managed to get the laundry done and help with dinner along with all the normal daily tasks. I'm lucky Mya's a good low-energy baby to baby-sit and that Baily's been such a good girl lately. She did have a rough afternoon today since she only had like a 20 min. nap but for the most part she's been a sweetheart. Robert and his mom grilled brats tonight which I've been craving for a while. That paired with my yummy pasta salad and baked beans really hit the spot. I mostly just love the smell of food grilling outdoors. As Robert and I started to watch Biggest Loser Baily was insistent that we take her on a walk. I don't know why she was so set on taking a walk but we gave in and had a nice night time stroll. It was peaceful and relaxing. Then we came home and finished watching Biggest Loser, Law & Order SVU and about a quarter of the new DVD Surf's Up. My 2 shows weren't too exciting this week. I think the black team was dumb for voting off Jim and it was a bummer
that they lost for the first time but I suppose it had to happen at some point. Surf's Up for the little bit we've watched so far, was hilarious. I love Shia Lebouf and John Heder so I was sure I'd love this movie. I'm excited to finish watching it. Tomorrow the kids get out of school early and have Thursday and Friday off so that means a lot of watching my nephew Bryan. I love him to death it's just so hard on me because Baily acts up the worst when she's around him. I'm praying I'll feel better and have more energy these next couple of days. I'm also having my little brother and sister over to spend the night and we're gonna have an awesome Halloween party. I really hope I feel better!


Tamie said...

so when are you due anyways? being pregnant in the heat is no fun, and it is a totally different experience when you're chasing kids around. I was lucky during my second pregnancy b/c my boy was such a good little guy and would watch pbs while i napped on the couch in the mornings. i really feel for you. :(
take it as easy as possible (if you can....i know its hard)

Becca said...

No fun :( sorry you're feeling so cruddy. Only two more months though!

Cordova Family said...

Yuck, I hate back pain. It's the worst, it has all control over you! I hope you feel better! Call me if you need something. I know a good chiropractor!!

Janel said...

Well at least you know what is causing the back pain and there is a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended! LOL) I loved your comments on the conference sessions. I feel so guilty for not having watched it yet due to football, travelling and exhaustion. :((( I'm going to watch at least one session while I clean tonight and the others on Sunday I promise!! Heres a cute story about Pres, Hinckley: My BIL lives in Panama and is the stake president (HUGE job!!) but when the general authorities come down there (which is often, since they are building a temple there right now) my BIL Brent gets to drive them around. One time he picked up the prophet on his last day there from the hotel and he had brought down a big armful of roses that had been in his room and told my BIL "Please give these to your wife to show her my appreciation for letting you drive me all around this week" How awesome is that!! Of course the roses are dried and saved :D