Monday, October 22, 2007

Freaky Family Fun

The early part of yesterday was just normal daily stuff... laundry, cleaning, caring for chillin's- the works. After Robert got home I ran to the bank and went on my dreaded grocery shopping trip to Wal-Mart. I took Baily with me since Robert needed a nap. He worked late on Sunday night and then had to get up at 5 to work yesterday so he was pretty beat when he got home. Baily did great though. After we got home it was a mad rush to get groceries put away and start dinner. I hate the whole process of grocery shopping. If there ever comes a day when they have robots to do it, I'm all for it. Anyway we had combined FHE with Robert's family yesterday. I had planned on Navajo Tacos for dinner and nice, long lesson. We ended up just having taco salad and having a pumpkin carving contest. It was a lot of fun. I did not feel up to rolling out the dough and frying each individual piece of bread but oh well. I'll save that for when I'm not 8 months pregnant. We all had a lot of fun though and the Spirit was definitely felt. Robert barely won the contest. He made a pumpkin with skull and crossbones. It was pretty cool. For dessert we had banana splits in honor of Andre. It's his birthday today and that's his favorite dessert. They were really yummy. After every one left and I got all cleaned up Robert and I had a long chapter to read for our scripture study but it was a great one and I just felt so much love for him and a literal strengthening in our marriage while we read. It was Moroni 7. What a great chapter! I'm so grateful for the teachings of the gospel that are there to make life so much easier and wonderful!


Emily said...

well im glad that you guys had fun.. I wish I could of been we didnt have enough gas in the car this week.. we are so broke till friday. Im sorry that I couldnt make it, I feel so left out because I couldnt make it. but there will be others.. it cukcs because you guys carved pumpkins somethin that I havent ever done. Well once again glad you guys had a good lesson plan and everything turned out great. Thank you for inviting me though. well the pumkins look great for what I can see. well hope you hace a grest day talk to you later. love ya bye

Alex said...

Those little jackos rock my face off.

Dustin & Ashley said...

How cute are your little pumpkins! I have a blog now so we can chit chat or something!!

Keep in touch,

Ashley Johnson & Dustin Brown