Saturday, October 06, 2007

Simple Saturday Perfection

I loved today... it was a perfectly perfect Saturday. It was the kind of Saturday I dreamed of when I was growing up and imagining my perfect little life. It was spiritually uplifting, there was quality family time, the weather was gorgeous and everyone just seemed in a good mood and happy. Nothing extraordinary happened but it was just simple perfection.

First of all I looove General Conference. So I woke up all excited for Conference and the the first session was awesome. I get teary eyed (I know... surprise, surprise) every time I see Pres. Hinckley. I just love and honor him so much. And I was excited when he said he was going to announce the new Generaly Authorities because for some reason I wasn't expecting it until the later session. I was so surprised but excited at the same time that Elder Eyring was called as 2nd Counselor. I was expecting it to be Packer or one of the older Brethren. I really do love Elder Eyring though and sustain him with all my heart. There were so many great talks given but 2 of my favorites were Elder Packer's and Elder Uchtdorf's. I wasn't all too thrilled when I first heard Elder Packer's talk but it grew on me. I loved how he emphasized that not one calling is higher or better than any in the Church and that even after all the great service through callings and work we do in the Church, the most important is the service we do in our own homes with our own spouses and children. I love how the Church emphasized the importance and necessity of strengthening family! And Elder Uchtdorf's talk was so positive and uplifting. I loved his personal story about how as a child he suffered horrible things in Germany during WWII but that during this time is when he learned of the Restored Gospel and how it brought him and his family hope and peace and comfort. Wow! I also loved Pres. Monson's and the Elder of the 70 (can't remember his name) who talked about how his father mended his shoes. I could go on and on... which I've already done pretty much... but I loved this session. We didn't watch the 2nd session but I'm excited to watch it as soon as it's available online.

After the first session
was over we all got ready and headed out for some outdoor family fun. It was seriosly the most perfect day ever weather-wise and I couldn't stand to see it go to waste. Baily loves watching the choo choo soul train on the Disney channel and after promising her that we'll go on a train some day we finally took her to ride a choo choo train today. We took her to Freestone park and rode the little train they have there. It's a bit pricey for such a silly, little train ride but it was worth it for Baily. She loved it. It was so cute... every time the driver tooted the horn she would do the signal with her arm and say "choo choo." I know she doesn't look very excited in the pictures but she really did love it. After the ride we took her to look at all the ducks and birds. She did not want to leave. We'll have to spend more time there next time we go.

After we left that park we went and had lunch at Chipotle. It was sooo good. After we finished we still had time to spare before m little brother's soccer game so we went to Red Mountain Park which was right next to where his soccer game was going to be and Baily had a blast playing around. She did the monkey bars for the first time and even hung on all by herself. You can see how proud of a daddy Robert is too. He's such a great dad! After we left there we went to my brother's soccer game. His team is called the Green Fire. Zach did ok but it wasn't his best game. His team was sadly defeated once again but he seemed to have fun. Baily and Kenzie had a blast playing together and Robert and I totally enjoyed the perfect weather!

When we finally got home we just chillaxed for a while. Robert watched a little of the Diamondback's game and then he left to go with his nephew and
some friend's from the ward to Priesthood session. I really didn't feel like staying at home by myself and was in the mood to go out so I called my friend Malissa and she had pity on me and let me tag along with her and some friends to Peter Piper Pizza. Baily and I had a lot of fun and it totally beats staying at home moping and doing nothing. So thanks Malissa for letting me be a tag along! And thanks to your kids for being so great with my naughty little girl! The last picture is when we were all leaving and that's all the kids that were in our group. Baily was in heaven with all those kids to play with but she looks like a total outcast in this picture. It cracks me up! After we came home we got ready for bed and watched movies. Robert went out with his friends to Native New Yorker and he said they had a good time. He deserves a night out every now and then! And being the sweet husband he is and knowing I was craving ice cream he brought me home a Sonic Blast. I knew I kept him around for something! I love him so much. And I love perfect days like this. They really do only happen once in a blue moon but I'll take them any time I get them!

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Beau said...

Hey Sis, that does sound like a pretty perfect day to me! Its all about the family! I had a pretty good, almost perfect, weekend myself that was very unexpected,if you know what I mean(shh...dont say anything about it. someone might hear thats not supposed to hear about it). Anywho, I love you sis! You are awesome and are an amazing example to so many just dont even realize it sis, but believe it!