Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Feeling Crafty

So apart from my almost being kidnapped yesterday, it was not a bad day. After Baily and I got dressed and ready for the day we walked over to the scrapbook store to get some paper and ribbon I needed for the Enrichment craft night last night. I love just browsing in this store. I get so excited about scrapbooking even though I never actually do it. However I finally ordered some pictures to actually scrapbook with and I got a lot of cute ideas at the store. Baby steps, but progress. Next door to this store is this awesome little bakery called the Bread Basket. Since I've been on "vacation" this week I've been really wanting to go out to lunch. I haven't been able to find anyone to go with so I decided lunch with Baily would be great. We had a delicious chicken salad sandwich for lunch at this bakery and enjoyed the quaint little atmosphere. We also got a fresh home-made loaf of bread (I'm not as good as you Becca to make my own!), some chocolate covered pretzels and cookies. It was fun. Then on the way home there was that whole kidnapping thing but that's already been talked about so I don't need to go there again.

After Robert got home from work Baily and I ran some more errands. We went
and got some pictures that I ordered online at Walmart and then got a much needed car wash. It was so nice to have a clean, nice smelling car afterward. Right when we got in the car Baily said "woooow... oooh nice." I guess we should clean our car more often!

Then last night I had so much fun at our Enrichment craft night. I wanted to do all of the crafts but since I'm not exactly made of money I had to settle with 2 items. But even if I couldn't have done that I still would have gone for the food and company... which let's be honest- that's really the main reason I went anyway. It was so much fun. They had a nursery available but poor Baily was the only kid there so Robert came and picked her up early since she was so bored. I made these 2 cute things- a glass Christmas decoration block and a hanging family initial. My friend Mindy pretty much did all the work since I'm the least crafty person I know so a big thanks goes out to her. I'm really happy with what I made though and I feel motivated to be more crafty and a little bit more able to do crafty things from the knowledge I learned last night.

I had Robert record my shows for me last night and hopefully I'll have time to watch them before the next week's episodes are on. I'm kinda bummed I'm missing Dancing With the Stars this season but I really want to keep my tv watching to one night a week so I don't waste so much time on something so unproductive. And here's some pictures of our Halloween decorations. They're not much but we like them... especially Baily. I'm watching Robert's cousins kids today so I don't have much time to get a lot done but it's all good.


Becca said...

I wish my ward would do a crafy enrinchment night. We haven't had one of those in a long time. The ward after us had all their super Saturday stuff in the hall and our ward was drooling over it. You such a good mom to put our holiday decorations. I guess I'm just a scrooge!

Alex said...

Sup, sista! I'm glad you're okay and I want to come visit you so that I can see all of your decorations for Halloween. We don't get to do that here, since "scary" is not the "in" thing here at the Brown Mansion. And you should really get hooked on Prison Break and House. They're honestly the greatest shows on Earth, bar-none!

~aileen & jaron said...

So you are a TRUE SUPER blogger! your page is awesome and i have to say that i am truly humbled. how do you find all the pictures to go with your daily narrations? it is unbelivable how much of a fun read it is with those fun visuals. Good going! It was super great to meet you and i want to hear more about Twilight from you. I'll peak my head in often, so.... write away. see you soon.