Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching Up

Wow... 3 days and no blogging. That's gotta be a record for me since I started becoming a blogging maniac a couple of months ago. I've had time to blog but I have been so completely drained these past few days. Just when I think I can't possible be any more tired or weak my body surprises me and I realize I can get more tired and weak. I'm barely getting by and I have a feeling these next 6-8 weeks are gonna be sooo long.

Anyway, enough of that. Friday was payday so like every other pay day I was busy with the bill paying, budgeting, menu and grocery list and all that fun stuff. My to do list on pay days is always out of control. As soon as Mya was picked up Robert and I got to go on an actual, real life date. It was so much fun. I've been craving steak like crazy (which makes sense with the whole anemia thing and all) so we went with a couple from our ward to Texas Roadhouse. Oh my goodness... it was sooooo good. This is definitely my favorite restaurant. We wanted to go with a bunch of friends as a big group date and then after dinner go to an improv comedy club called Jesterz but I think I planned it too late and no one was able to go. So after dinner the other couple went their way and we went to Fiesta Mall. Can I just tell you how much of a difference it makes in the enjoyability factor when you go to the mall without a 2 year old in tow? It was nice to browse and shop without the picking up things she drops or the crying and all that fun stuff. We looked for a new phone for me since my lovely pink razor phone is caput. They were all way too expensive at the mall. I did order one from T-Mobile though that I will get by Friday and I'm so excited about it. It was a lot cheaper than I thought which is an extra bonus. It really stinks being without your own phone. Anyway, we also looked and were successful in finding new dress shoes for Robert. He got some really nice Alfanis from Macy's on clearance for only $30. Wahoo! He was so proud of himself for finding such a great deal. And by the way- if any of you want to buy me a great gift the Ralph Lauren for Women perfume would send me over the edge. I tried one a lot of different fragrances but this one was sooooo good. I couldn't stop smelling Anyway, after the mall we went and got our little booger from the baby-sitter. It was great to hear that she behaved so wonderful and had a lot of fun. We only get a real baby-sitter maybe once every other month so it's always nice when those rare times work out. When we got home we went and got the new DVD Transformers for Robert and then Gerald and Rachelle got to our house to stay for a quick night. After Baily beat me up while I was trying to put her to sleep she finally ran out of energy from the beating and fell asleep. So it was tiring but Friday was definitely a fun day.

Saturday was pretty busy as well but I was so tired that what little
we did do was hard for me. We took Robert's mom to breakfast at Denny's. The service and restaurant itself was pretty ghetto but the food was good. After we came home from there I put the Bug down for her nap and went off to Wally World. I was planning to not only get Halloween shopping done but all the grocery shopping as well. After getting through the major crowds and getting all the materials and stuff to make our Halloween costumes I was done for with the shopping. When I got home I wanted to make our costumes- cut and sew them and finish the detailing but I only got as far as cutting about half of what I needed for Baily's costume. I'm gonna have to work on it little by little this week. I should've just bought some easy costumes but my mom ruined me by always making us home-made Halloween costumes which are so much better than the store bought ones. And BTW, the nerd costumes idea fell through due to Robert refusing to be a nerd. So Baily and I are gonna be witches and Robert's gonna be a wizard like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. They're not exactly original costumes but I think we're gonna look great. After Gerald and Rachelle finished up what they had to do they came by the house and Rachelle and I went to Bath and Body Works so she could get some shopping done and she let me use her coupons so I got some free lotions. Score! I got this new lotion they have called Fun Frosted Cranberry and it smells really good. Then we came back home and hung out for a bit then they headed back up the hill. Robert carved a really awesome pumpkin that says Baily Boo at my request. He didn't really want to do it but being the great husband and dad that he is he did it and did a great job. I thought Baily would love to help him but she was a real stinker and didn't have much to do with it all. And for some reason it seemed so much easier when I was a kid to carve a pumkin. It's really hard work. Poor Robert and his crazy wife who thinks our kid has to have every "wonderful" childhood experience! It did turn out reallyl cute though and when he was finished and lit it up Baily was so impressed. The first thing she said was "woooooooow." It was so cute. So at least all that work wasn't for nothing! We had dinner from Taco Bell. For some reason I've just been craving Taco Bell and ice like crazy. At least this time they had everything I wanted and it really hit the spot. Baily fell asleep early for once and Robert and I just watched tv and crashed. She also slept in her own bed, well the one in the guest room (I guess her bed is just not as comfortable) so we actually got to sleep in the same bed together all night. Wahoo!

Robert had to work AGAIN today which really sucked. I dropped him off and then Baily and I went to Church. It was ward conference I think today because Bishop and the Stake Presidency spoke. They all bore such strong testimony of the calling of Prophet and Jesus Christ. It was great. And I was grateful to take the Sacrament after so long. It's just so refreshing. Then Baily had a wonderful incident of her diaper falling off and almost peeing all over the floor during Sacrament meeting but luckily I caught it in the diaper while I held it under her and she peed. It was so embarrassing. It's a good thing people at church have children and are understanding. Oh the joys of motherhood... Relief Society was good too but I started feeling really dizzy and seeing major stars so it was a little hard to concentrate. I attempted to go to Sunday School but thought I was gonna pass out so Baily and I left early. Later this afternoon we went to Robert's cousin's husband's birthday party at Dominguez family park. It was ok but it's just not that fun without my husband there with me. Baily had a blast though which made it worth it. As soon as her Tio Armando got there (he's the one that's never been married and doesn't have any family of his own) she got so excited and gave him this huge hug and was ready to go play on the playground. He's so sweet with her and they have the cutest relationship. He took her and played with her for over an hour. It was so sweet. Then after her cousins Andre, Isaac and Isaiah got there she went and played with them on the playground for over an hour. She really did have a great time. It was getting pretty chilly and I thought my back was gonna explode with pain so we left. Baily fell fast asleep in the car about 2 seconds after I strapped her in. After we got home and changed she woke up and watched a little bit of a movie and fell back asleep. Robert's mom watched her while I went and picked Robert up from work and that brings us to now. I'm pooped! And I'm being a hypocrite and posting a preggo picture of myself (I always say how no one wants to see my preggo pics so I would never post one) just so everyone can see why I complain so much. I'm freakin' HUGE! And I still have a little less than 2 months to go! Prayer is my only hope to get through this. So sorry about the novel- that's why I post everyday as opposed to every couple of days. Have a great week everyone!


Alex said...

And I thought I was tired and busy. I always forget people with, you know, kids. Haha.

Tamie said...

i loved, love, love texas roadhouse too....hmmm. :)
sorry about the prego thing and being tired...i really do empathize big-time with you. and being at church husband-less is not so much fun either....I had to do it yesterday as well...sacrament meeting (the last meeting for us) is always a challenge for me. I bring LOTS of snacks...never wanted to do that but sometimes you just do what you have to do to keep the kids quiet! :) hang in there!

Becca said...

You look really cute prego in your church clothes. And the baily peeing thing is hysterical, I can totally picutre you holding a diaper while she's peeing. Too funny!

collegegirl18 said...

Can I just tell you-You are the most adorable pregnant person ever! Sounds like life is fun right now-mostly(: Tell Baily and Robert I said hi!

Cordova Family said...

That took me like 10 minutes to read!! I'm exhausted just reading it!! You look so cute!! You're not "huge"!! You look like you're right on target!! Your pumpkin turned out so cute!! Sorry, we couldn't make it the other night, for once in our life, we already had plans! Maybe next time!!

Amalee said...

Hi Sarahbear!
Did you know that craving ice IS a symptom of anemia? Yep. I found that out from my doctor with my first baby after I ate half a bag of it. And being anemic leaves you very, very tired. So, theoretically, if we can get that under control it would help alot. I've not had any sucess with that. How about you? And this is weighing pretty heavily on my mind, because guess who's up for 9 months of barfing again??? Yep. So I think it is all in my mind and I keep telling myself "mind over matter". I never want to take a test, because then I will know, and then I will think myself into barfing, because I know for sure, and I tell myself it's all in my head and argh!!! it is a vicious cycle. But yes, after feelinf barfy and tired for three days, I gave in and took the test. Positive. blah.
blah, blah, blah. It's a good thing they're cute, eh?
I haven't told anyone in my immediate family yet. Darin thought it would be funny if I went as long as I could without telling anyone and then saying "I'm having a two months". I'm all for just pretending that I'm not for as long as possible.
Well, that's my news. I hope you get some of that "nesting" energy that is supposed to come towards the end, and have some really good days!!!

Love you Sweetie.

Yes, have no idea what busy is till you become a Mom. :)
How do you have time to watch all those movies? And to think about watching a movie all the way to the end with no spilled popcorn or fights or whining...oh....I'd say that I wished for those days again.
But I don't. :)

smilingsarahbear said...

Congrats Amy!! I'll keep my mouth shut but just wanted to say congrats and I love you so much. You're such a great mom example to me. Keep up the great work. And thanks for your comments. I love 'em!