Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Simple Monday

Yesterday was pretty simple with nothing very exciting to talk about. The morning went by pretty un-eventful. I was feeling really dizzy and light-headed and tingly again and definitely seeing lots of stars. So besides the normal routine stuff I didn't do much and tried to take it easy. When Robert got home he took me to my Dr.'s appointment since I was a little afraid to drive. I had to take my yucky glucose test. Those drinks are so nasty. Then they took my blood. After that I had my regular check-up and he said baby seems fine. He thinks I'm probably low in iron and when my bloodwork comes back he'll let me know for sure. He also gave me the ok to use a heating pad for my back pain which I thought wasn't allowed so I'm hoping that will help a little bit.

When we got home I was delighted that my mother-in-law offered to grill carne asada for dinner. It's one of my favorite foods and a major bonus since I didn't feel like cooking. And this time it was even better than it usually it. For FHE we took another easy out and watched a movie, Evan Almighty. But this one was very good and had really good spiritual values in it. And it was hilarious. Robart and I were cracking up throughout the whole movie. I absolutely recommend this as a great family movie. My favorite lesson I got from it was about how God answers prayers... with opportunites to make what we want happen. For dessert we had some razzleberry pie and ice cream. I still remember my Grandpa Bud's Sunday dinners and having this dessert almost every time. Robert loved it so we're gonna have to have it more often.

And I want to give myself a big pat on the back for making it my first day of quitting soda completely (I know... I've tried this many times
and failed) without any problems. I was very surprised I didn't have any headaches or other withdrawal symptoms. I'm a huge soda addict and I know how bad it is for me so it's a big deal for me to quit. Maybe by posting this publicly I'll hold myself more accountable and follow through this time!


Becca said...

Good job on the no pop thing, I decided to go off too, and have been pop free for 48 hours. And don't you count your yummy glucose test as a carbonated beverage? :) j/k Nasty!

Alex said...

I can't live without pepsi. I value your influence.