Monday, October 15, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

It was a crazy, busy weekend for me. I'm hoping I can get some R&R today or I'm gonna pass out! Robert had to work Saturday from 1-10 so after he got home from softball practice Sat. morning I told him to have fun with Baily and I went to go register for my baby shower at Target. I thought it would take a long time but it only took like 20 min. I guess the 2nd time around I know what I need and don't need. It was a little bittersweet because it brought back a lot of memories of when I went with my mom to register for Baily's baby shower. It was so much fun. After I got home me and Baily took Robert to work, then we got something to eat and came back home. I started laundry, got Baily down for a nap and started organizing a bunch of stuff that's been needing to be organized and cleaning a little bit. After she woke up I finished up some major cleaning and laundry and I was beat. I took Baily to the park and let her play for a whole hour interrupted. She had a blast as usual. It was pretty nice out and even though I was planning on reading I just sat and enjoyed watching her enjoy her childhood and I just chilled which was nice. When we left the park we went to Wal-Mart so I could register for the baby shower there as well. I got Baily nice and situated, bribed her with a shake and fries from McDonald's so she would let me register without a fit, went through all the data entry at the kiosk and then the girl tells me they don't have a scanner because it got stolen. Hello!! You don't think you could tell me that before you watched me enter all my information?! And why don't they replace the scanner if it got stolen? Urghhh... she told me I could try another Wal-mart. Thanks. I decided to just go look at the stuff I wanted and then try to see if I could do the registry online. So we came home and Baily was content with having an apple and watching one of her "videos" (we have no idea why she calls her DVD's videos but that's what she calls them) and I was happy to discover that I was able to finish registering online. It finally came time to go pick up Robert from work and Baily was so excited to get her daddy home. And he also told her she was gonna get pizza when he got off so she was excited about that. She talked about her pizza the whole way there to pick him up and the whole way back 'till we picked it up. It was late by the time we got home and ate but she sure enjoyed her pizza. After we stuffed our faces we pretty much crashed.

Yesterday started rough but ended great. Baily was in THE worst mood ever in the morning which didn't put me in a very good mood. We had been planning on just going to Sacrament meeting and then coming home, getting ready and meeting his family out at Schnepf Farms. We originally planned on going Friday but none of his family could come and it's a tradition to go with his family every year. So we changed our plans to go yesterday. I don't want to make excuses but it's hard trying to balance living in perfect obedience to the gosple and making family who don't share the same values a part of your life. Anyway we ended up being slackers and not going to church at all after Baily had the biggest tantrum ever when I was doing her hair. It was awful and it really got me worked up as well. After she calmed down and after I had my crying fit in the bathroom things were better. And I do have to say that she looked pretty dang cute when she wasn't slapping me and screaming and spitting. Our niece Emely came by and she got us lunch from Wings Express. After we ate she left to go pick up our nephew Isaac and we left to Schnepf Farms. We all had a great time. We were there for about an hour and half before his family showed up so we had some nice personal time at first. Baily had fun playing in the play yard, we watched the pig races, she had fun petting and seeing all the farm animals, she had a blast on the family bike thingys, she had fun on the little bumble bee ride, we ate some good food like kettle korn, listened and danced to good live music, I had a delicious piece of pumpkin pie (I loooove pumpkin pie), everyone else had caramel apple pie, we had fun mini-golfing and Robert got his trashed kicked by his kindergarten nephew which was hilarious and then we all enjoyed the fireworks at the end. It was really a blast and Baily loved it too. I think her favorite was the spooky choo choo train. She wasn't sacred at all. That girl loves choo choo trains! I really missed the spiritual boost once again but it was great to enjoy some perfect family quality time together! Once we got home we were out as soon as we hit the sack. What a busy but good weekend!

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