Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Homemaking Queen... Just Call Me Martha

So yesterday I could have been crowned as the Homemaking Queen. I could have even been mistaken for Martha Stewart. My day started at about 7 and went non-stop until about 1 in the morning. After the morning daily stuff I loaded up Mya in the stroller, Baily by my side and we walked to do some shopping for the stuff I would need for the day. We stopped at Dollar Tree first and then went to Safeway for whatever I couldn't find at Dollar Tree. This is no easy fate when you're trying to push a cart and a stroller and control a 2 year old with very grabby hands. I only have 2 1/2 weeks left with Mya. She's a sweet little girl but things will be so much easier for me when it's just me and Baily for a little while. Anyway I got everything I needed but I was pretty frustrated that I had to pay $15 for a stupid Bundt cake pan! Why couldn't it be a Wal-Mart next to me instead of stupid Safeway?! After we got home and had lunch and I got the girls down for their naps I began the baking frenzy. I fulfilled many roles yesterday such as cake designer/decorator, baker, seamstress, dishwasher and the other normal ones like wife and mom. First was the role of cake designer/decorator. Robert had a competition at work today for best Halloween dessert. A little background for you... he told me about this a little over a week ago but then told me not to worry about it because it was cancelled. Then like 2 days ago he all the sudden needs a cake. I told him to make it on his own and I should have made him do it but being the wonderful wife that I am I agreed to make his Halloween dessert. I decided if I was gonna do it I might as well go all out. I got my inspiration from the October issue of Parents magazine for a gruesome looking graveyard cake. It turned out awesome! For once I think it looks even better than the one in the magazine. I later found out from Robert that there's a $50 first place prize for the competition and I think it'll be in the bag with this cake. Isn't it awesome? Doesn't it make you hungry?! It was a lot funner than I thought to make this. Ok so that's it for my cake decorator role. During creating and baking and waiting for cooling of this cake I also filled the role of baker. I ended up baking about 8 dozen pumpkin cookies and frosting them and putting them in cute little Halloween Frankenstein bags for Visiting Teaching sisters and the families that Robert Home Teaches. The cookies turned out really good and looked cute in their little treat bags but they were a lot of tedious work! After the cake was done and in between baking, cooling, frosting and stuffing the cookies I also took on the role of seamstress. It was crunch time for Robert's costume since he needed it to wear today at work. I have finally finished all the Halloween costumes except for making Baily and I's broomsticks which should be pretty easy. Whew! While I was working on the costumes on and off though I was also a dishwasher and kitchen cleaner and mom to a very needy, fussy baby. Robert's mom and sister helped watch her a little bit (Robert was busy fixing his sister's car) but it was really hard trying to tend to her and get all this stuff done. Plus I had one more visiting teaching appointment and I dropped off the cookies to the other 2 sisters we visit and we had our home teachers over. Wow... I'm getting tired all over again just writing about it. I had to put Baily to sleep and by the time I finally got her to sleep and finished sewing and cleaning it was about 12:30AM. By the time I finally laid down my eyes were burning, my fingers felt crippled and my whole body felt like it had been beaten with a bag of bricks. My VT partner told me I looked like I needed some rest because I had dark rings under my eyes and looked so tired. I wish I could have got some good sleep but I was in too much pain and was having contractions all night. But all this was in the name of love for my family and I really felt like I earned my keep yesterday for a long time. Homemaking is the hardest work I've done and even though it takes a toll on me I love it and wouldn't trade my job for anything else in the world! (Too bad it doesn't pay the bills...)


Becca said...

Yes on the fruit salad (please). And the cake looks awesome. I can't imagine doing all that and being prego, kudos to you Martha!

Beau said...

Wow, Sis, incredible! That cake looks awesome! well, in a grusome sort of way. Did you win?! If you didnt Id like to see the one that did win, cuz it had better be an amazing one...or else! I love pumpkin cookies. last time I had those were last year at Halloween when Fran made em. mmmmm..good! Way to stay busy in a good work. The family truly is an amzing thing....nothing else like it. I can't wait for my own family! and speaking of Ebenly, I sure do miss her like crazy. I love her so so much, Sis, it hurts!! She's the light of my life, that gets brighter and brighter every moment. Ok, right, sorry, this is a comment to you, not to her...sorry. But uh, yeah, way to go trooper! Love ya!