Monday, July 21, 2008

Why So Serious?!

Saturday July 19, 2008
We had a good day Saturday. We had a slow start but it was nice. Robert watched the kids while I picked up our tornado of a house- I had let it get way too out of control. After that was done and we all got ready, Robert and I and the kids headed out to town. We dropped off our kids at my MIL's (I'm so grateful to have her as a baby-sitter ever so often!) and picked up my SIL Martha and then we went to the movie theatre and met Emely and D and Andre and his new girlfriend. I can't believe my little Andre is growing up so fast and has a girlfriend. He even held her hand... gasp! So anyway we watched The Dark Knight. I have been so excited for this forEVER! I could not wait to see it and man... I was NOT disappointed. It was AWESOME!!! I have always loved Heath Ledger so it was a little sad for me at times realizing he's gone. But he did an amazing job and he totally deserves an Oscar. It was very dark and disturbing but that's what evil is. I wasn't too crazy about the Gyllenhal girl but other than that I loved the cast and just the whole movie. Probably my new favorite super-hero movie! After the movie we went and picked up our kiddos and headed home. On the way there we saw the most awesome lightning storm. I love this time of year in the valley- the monsoon season. We had front row seats to the best show in town. It was awesome! After we got home I ran to the store to get a few groceries and I was treated to a little rain. Perfect ending to a pretty sweet day!
366 Blessings:
#201- Awesome Lightning Storms

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Eric and Addie said...

One of the few reasons that I love living here during the summer. I bet out where your at you all get to see some really great storms.
Ok, on the memory thing.
One memory I have of you, Is being amazed at how good you were at soccer. You and Chelsea Brewer were lots of fun to watch.
Also you always had the strongest legs. Something I was never blessed with.