Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing the waiting game.

Monday, July 21, 2008
Monday was a very long and boring day. It felt like just another day in the waiting game- waiting to hear back about one of the many jobs that Robert's been waiting to get. It's really annoying and frustrating waiting to hear about whether he got hired or not. Anyway, I was pretty lazy, once again, and there's not really much to report about the day. I was really excited when I went out to get the mail and discovered my 2 purple flower bushes (don't know what they're called obviously) had bloomed overnight. Seriously- they go from the picture on the left to the ones on the right overnight and I just get so excited when they come out in all the perfect purpledom! That's my only highlight about having to brave the melting heat outside when I have to go get the mail. And also my kids were pretty awesome on Monday. They're really sweethearts I must say. Baily is such an awesome big sister- much better than I ever was. Beau can agree to that I'm sure (my younger brother). Anyway, it just melts my heart how well they get along and love each other. Baily takes care of him so well and helps me with whatever I need to take care of him and Joaquin justs adores his sister- he's always laughing at her and staring at her in pure amazement at how awesome she is. It's awesome. And yes, Baily was pretty much in her pj's all day. Hey, I said I was lazy and I wasn't lyin'!

366 Blessings:
#203- Baily being such a helpful and loving sister to Joaquin


Shannon said...

The plant is called Texas Sage. Really pretty hu! We have 5 on our front lawn. We just cut ours down last week...they were getting too big, yet they're blooming everwhere still. Love love love them. They bloom during the monsoon season.

Baily is such a great big sister. I love having two close together and having them play together...what sweet photos!

Taylor Family said...

Sarah-bo-Barah!! I just got your message and noticed as I was checking my blog that you left me a comment. I am so happy we're back in touch and no, let's never lose it again. Your page is amazing. I started about a month ago so I'm still learning but I do not know how you did all the stuff on it that you've done. You'll need to give me some kind of tutorial someday. Your kids are beautiful! Baily looks more and more like you. I can't wait to talk to you. I'm sick and coughing so I want to wait til thats over with. Anyway, talk to you later!!

Julie said...

we have thoses same plants I now know their name thanks shannon. G will go to the preschool I assit at in east Mesa, Mrs Udalls preschool. I am excited to see how she does she is only 2 1/2 but is so ready to learn are Dr told us we should get her in school so we will see how it goes. I wish Robert luck with the job hunting, Aaron tested with the fire dept for 5 years and it was so stressful after every interview, the waiting for the call or letter to say if he got a 2nd interview and sometimes he would get all 3 interviews and the physical test and then be told no thanks:( I hated it but now that it is all over and he loves his job and we are blessed it is eaiser to say that it was really worth it, so hang in there it is a long hard road!! Joaquin big smile it so cute made me smile!