Monday, July 14, 2008

And more...

This is one of the contents of one of my BEE-u-tiful Bountiful Baskets a while ago. I've missed a few cycles because of vacation and what not and I really miss it. Can't wait for the next one. Isn't all this fresh produce beautiful?!
Robert and I got to go on a real live date night a while ago and it was so fun! (Thanks to Em for watching my kiddos!) We had dinner at Red Robin with a few friends that Rob's been friends with since high school (they're not all pictured here), and then walked around Tempe Marketplace. I love the vibe there- it was so fun!
I know I'm a dork 'cause I blog about food all the time, but I gotta tell ya- this is one of my new favorite snacks. Fresh, juicy grapefruit with LF sharp cheddar cheese and a couple Ritz crackers make me one happy momma! Yum!
My baby girl was FINALLY potty trained after a long, rough week between June 1-8. I learned, that for me, pullups are a waste, a potty chair is a waste, perserverance is the key, and the sticker chart works as great incentive. She has wet the bed twice at night since then but that't the only accidents we have had. Wahoo!

This is what I'm talkin' about. Sweet endings to a sweet Sunday of church, rest and FHE. One of my fave desserts is definitely yellow cake with chocolate frostings and it may just be one of Baily's as well!
Just my babies!

Baily and I just LOVE So You Think You Can Dance and whenever it comes on she makes sure to be wearing her proper "dancing attire" and makes sure her "partner" (her daddy) is close at hand. Love it!

Just a few pics from Father's Day.

This was Joaquin's 2nd haircut... military style. Thanks babe for saving us money on haircuts- you do great!

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