Monday, July 28, 2008

Thankful for charitable friends!

Sunday July 27, 2008
Today had it's ups and downs. Robert had to be at work really early today and was gone until like 7 this evening so that was really poopy. I feel like we were totally robbed of our weekend daddy bliss. I treasure my time with him so I'm not a happy camper when that's taken away from me. The morning was ok until it came time to get everyone ready for church. Joaquin was so tired and fussy and that stressed me out so I was snappy with Baily and then she became snappy. I don't know what I'm gonna do for the 2 weeks that Robert's in Florida- I'm already stressing about that. Anyway, luckily my super sweet VT partner volunteered to give us a ride on Sundays when Robert can't and to help me during Sacrament with both of my kids and taking Joaquin while I'm in Primary. She's so sweet and this means so much to me. I was really worried about how I would handle church and my calling without Robert and she came to my rescue. Thanks Angee! Sacrament meeting was really good today. I felt so grateful to take the sacrament and feel renewed and hopeful and motivated to really get my act together. I love that feeling. And Primary was great. I'm learning more and more names and starting to get to know the kids and their personalities and I just love them and their little spirits. We had a lot of kids today along with visitors and newbies and they're just so sweet. I love this calling! After church Angee brought us home, we snacked and just chilled. When Robert finally came home we ate (I'm ashamed to say what...) and hung out for a bit then him and the babies all fell asleep pretty early. They were tuckered out. I'm really looking forward to having an extremely more productive week and finding my groove and getting back on track. I've been off of it for way too long. And I'm gonna end this post with this thought that I just LOVE!

"President Brigham Young once counseled us: . . ." 'Let all leave the cares of their work behind them; let the kitchens take care of themselves, and let the barns, the flocks and herds take care of themselves, and if they are destroyed while you are praying, be able to freely say, "Go, they are the Lord's; He gave them to me, and I will worship Him; I will assemble my family and call upon the name of my God."" 'By leaving business and the cares thereof where they belong, and attending strictly to worship in its season, if not at first, you soon will be united, and be able to bring every evil principle into subjection. If all are bound up in this manner, don't you see that it will make a mighty cord of faith?' (Journal of Discourses, 3:53.)"Let us teach our children to pray for courage, for opportunity, for comfort, for peace, for understanding, and not for material gifts. Let us teach them to pray, 'Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.' (Matt. 6:10.)"
L. Tom Perry,
"Our Father Which Art in Heaven," Ensign, Nov. 1983, 13
Have an awesome week everyone!
366 Blessings:
#209- The Sacrament


AZSMITHS said...

When I saw you at church yesterday, I just thought how great it was that you came, even though your husband was gone! It's fun that you are in primary now, except that I'm always hididng behind the piano! :)

Malissa said... all the new posts!! You look amazing!! Congrats to Robert on the new job!! Yay for $4 more!! HOLLA!! That is so great!! I member when Tonio had to work Sundays for a's definitely a sacrifice, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do!! Hopefully it won't last too long!! Just be're so good anyways!! Amazing Jake's looked like a ton of fun! I love the fort they made, and I love that you couldn't go in...sounds like my household!! I love daddy kids time...we call it happy hour, and it could be my favorite part of the day!! lol We will do something when Robert's gone for sure!!

Julie said...

WHy is Robert going to FLorida, you are awesome for going to church without Robert on the Sundays Aaron works I sometimes skip the first hour:( I know so bad! I love the childhood memories

Taylor Family said...

Hey Sarah! Sorry your hubby is going to be gone for so long. My husband is working and doing school full time now which means I never see him. It gets pretty lonely so I know how you feel. Good job for going to church without him and when you were having a rough day. I probably would have given up. Sounds like you have a great ward. That always helps. Well, talk to you later!

Angee said...

It's totally my pleasure seriously! I love having you as a partner! I've never been consistent on visiting teaching and you totally changed that! I'm so happy to have you as a friend! :) Let me know if there is anything I can do. Even if you are just tired at night and need me to take Joaquin for a few hours. :) I would love it!