Sunday, July 27, 2008


I got this from Leslie's blog and we all know I can't resist a good survey. And this one is a little deeper so I really liked it. Thanks for all the goodies I find on your blog Leslie!

I am: a daughter of God and a wife and a mom
I think: I should probably get some sleep right now
I Know: that my Redeemer lives and that I belong to His true church
I want: to be righteous and financially secure
I have: the best husband and kids ever!
I wish: I could be the person I know I have the potential to be
I hate: my weaknesses and when people have any sort of prejudices
I miss: my mom sooo much it hurts!
I fear: me or any of my family dying unrighteously
I feel: cramps and sleepiness
I hear: nothing... it's almost 1 am!
I smell: leftover Barro's pizza
I crave: Dr. Pepper and salty foods
I search: the scriptures
I wonder: where we're gonna live when this house is foreclosed
I regret: being so careless with my credit when I was younger and drinking and partying and not finishing school
I love: Robert!
I care: about being true to what I know
I always: kiss my babies and tell them how much I love them
I am not: always consistent
I believe: in Jesus Christ
I dance: everyday- dance is my passion!
I sing: all the time... but not very well
I don't always: clean, fold my laundry, stay productive, live healthy, etc.
I fight: with myself and my weaknesses
I write: to my mom not nearly enough
I lose: patience way too much
I win: when I pray and read my scriptures consistently
I never: take the Lord's name in vain
I listen: for my kids all the time
I can usually be found: on the computer (not good)
I am scared: of clowns and bridges
I need: to get it together!
This is very cool if you want to learn more about yourself. I would love reading this on all your blogs so do it!


Nicole said...

That is a great picture of you! You are such a wonderful person and a great Mom. You are such a good example. I love reading your blog.

Rachael or Brandon said...

I first want to say how much I enjoy your blog, and how impressed I am of how often you post....I love it! You have a darling family. I appreciate your sweet friendship and taking the time to come visit me last week. It really meant a lot to me....Rachael