Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dr. Pepper! I NEED you!!

Wednesday July 23, 2008
So day 2 of no caffeine soda was very not good. You can replace the word cell phone with Dr. Pepper in the cartoon. I really WANT a DR. PEPPER! So besides that and the usual crabbiness I've been dealing with lately yesterday went alright. I have started to feel pretty stir crazy lately. It's so hot and we have no extra car so we've been cooped up in our house for like 4 days and I think it's getting to me and my kids. I can't wait until tomorrow (Friday) to get out of this house! So anyway we just hung around the house. Baily and I had fun coloring for a while. (Sorry for the pics of me with no make-up... scary I know.) And then while I was on the computer she decided that me saying "wait a minute" to her request to do her makeup and paint her toes (toenails) just wouldn't suffice and she took it upon herself to get the job done. Nice. She's such a goofball. Thank goodness for washable, non-toxic markers! And in other news, Joaquin's 2nd tooth has popped through. It's really hard to take a picture of such cute, little toothies since they're so... well little, but here's my attempt. Awwww! If you get out your magnifying glass you can almost see them. While I was in the midst of the toothies photo session Joaquin had some, ahem... business to take care of. How come everything's so much cuter when a baby does it? Notice the red So after a very fancy dinner of ramen and a yummy dessert of cinnamon tortilla burritos (yum!) it was dance time! That's right... So You Think You Can Dance. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this show?! Last night was a very good show as well. My top favorite for a guy is a tie between Joshua and Will. Will is technically amazing and a beautiful dancer but I just love Joshua's personality and style (the booty's not too bad as well;) ). I really like Twitch as well. The guys are just awesome this year. For now I think Katee is my favorite girl. And I really didn't like her at first but I'm really starting to like Courtney. Something about her personality is annoying to me but her dancing is pretty amazing. I loved her solo last night. And I loved Chelsie at first but she's really starting to bug me. She does have amazing legs when it comes to dancing though. So obviously my picks to go home are Comfort and Mark. And that's my 2 cents worth in case you wanted to know;)

366 Blessings:
#205- Washable, non-toxic markers


Becca said...

Teeth? How cute! He doesn't seem big enough for teeth! (Then again I haven't seen him in awhile) You kids are so cute, and what mom wears makeup when they stay at home??? Not me!

Leslie said...

You certainly don't look scary without makeup! Silly girl! I wish I looked that good without my makeup then I wouldn't need any. You are so pretty!

I also wanted to give you some words of encouragement on the Dr. Pepper.....just keep telling yourself that it is gross and toxic! Wish it would sink in my head! Trust me from one Pepper to another Pepper...the longer you can go without one the better! :o) Cute blog background & pics!!!

Taylor Family said...

Hey Sarah! I agree with the other gals on the make-up thing. You look the same as I have always remembered you...Gorgeous!

And I'm with you on the so you think you can dance people except I wasn't a huge Will fan only because of the training from the big wigs he had gotten. I did agree Mark should have gone. I was shocked that he wasn't even in the bottom (he was too). And yeah, Comfort is gone and hopefully this time for good. And I love Katee too. I haven't met anyone else who does. She has lacked a little personality compared to the other annoying dancers but I think she's amazing. Go Katee and Joshua!!

Anyway, hope you had a fun Friday out of the house. Love ya!

Tamie said...

washable is always a blessing!