Sunday, July 27, 2008

... One door opens!

Thursday July 24, 2008
So Thursday was a very good day indeed. We finally found out that Robert got hired for one of the many, many jobs he has been interviewing for. Hooray! It's not our first choice but the good things are, it's like a $4 pay raise and he won't have to go to a job he hates every day and they seem like they really like and respect him already. It's at a place called PSCU- some credit union call center or something (I really don't know). So it's definitely a lot more reputable than Frederick's of Hollywood. So I guess it's true what my dad has been telling me all along- when one door closes another one opens. The downers about the job is it's quite a bit farther away and he has to work Sundays for a while. Hopefully that won't last too long. His schedule will be Su-Th from 9-6. So even though it sucks that he has to work on Sundays the hours are much better. He'll be home earlier than he is know which is nice. So we're excited about that. He officially starts his new job on Aug. 11 and will train in Florida for 2 weeks. He gets to stay in a nice hotel and stuff which is cool for him but I'm jealous and I'm gonna miss him like crazy. I don't know how well I'll handle feeling like a single mom and taking on all the responsibilities for 2 weeks. That's a long time! I guess we'll see how it goes. He's still going to pursue being a police officer but since that is a long hiring process we figure that at least he'll have a better job in the meantime. So hearing that news put me in a pretty good mood all day. Baily took a late nap so we were up pretty late. After nursing J I came into the room and found my sweet Bug like this. She was pretty tuckered out. She's so sweet! As soon as Robert got home I sad see-ya and I met my VT partner to do some Visiting Teaching. We just got assigned a new sister and I already love her. She's so bubbly and sweet and her spirit just radiates. I'm excited to get to know her better and to be blessed to be one of her Visiting Teachers. After a visit with her we went to one of our other sisters we VT and had a nice visit with her like always. I really do love Visiting Teaching! After I was done there I went to Jack in the Box and used my $5 I'd been saving all week and got me some cheap, yummy tacos. Unfortunately, I didn't think I could possibly enjoy those greasy tacos without some DP so I was weak and I gave in a drank a big Dr. Pepper. I felt ashamed and like a loser but man did it take away my 3 day headache and man did it tast so good! While I was enjoying my blissful meal Baily wasted no time getting her playtime in with daddy. She decided her dad was going to be a camel and Robert thought we would make it very authentic and put her in middle eastern apparel. They crack me up! While they were playing and after I enjoyed my meal I turned on the tube for some So You Think You Can Dance time. I loved the ballet performers- it's such beautiful dance. When they announced the bottom 2 guys I was like what the...? And then when it was Will that got sent home I was just dumbfounded. I'm pretty sure America got that one wrong but I didn't vote so I suppose I should keep my trap shut if I don't participate. Baily and her daddy built another fort, a small version and her and Joaquin had a blast playing in it. It was like their secret little club. Only they allowed Robert in so it wasn't complete secret or exclusive- only I wasn't allowed in it. It's all good though. I love that they have that fun relationship with their dad. And like I've mentioned before, Baily isn't very fond of clothes as you can see. So sorry about the nudy photos. I still think they're both dang cute though;)
366 Blessings:
#206- Robert getting hired at a new job!

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