Thursday, July 17, 2008

Look who's crawling!!

Thursday July 17, 2008
So once again I felt like a lazy lucy and super weak. I need to get over this and get it together already! I hate when I get in slumps like this. Anywho, besides that whole thing, today was not too shabby. I had a late start to the day and wasn't prepared at all when my Visiting Teachers showed up. I knew I had something planned for Thursday but when I couldn't remember what I thought I was probably just having a brain fart and I really had nothing plan. Well I did have a brain fart but not in how I did. So yeah... if anyone happens to find my brain anywhere I would really appreciate it if you'd let me know so I can re-insert it into my head. I really could use it. So I had a really nice visit from my sweet Visiting Teachers. I gotta tell ya'- this is my first time ever really having consistent Visiting Teachers and it's so nice. They're so sweet and I can tell they care about me and would do anything to help me. That's a good feeling. They also brought me warm, home-made bread and man was it yummmy! My kids loved it to as you can tell. Lately Joaquin has been moving constantly. Like the boy won't sit still for 2 seconds. And he crawls all over me all the time. Well I guess his little workouts (he does his own squats all the time and it's so dang cute!) paid off because he started crawling today! Wahoo! Kind of. LOL... it just means that I really do need to get my rear in gear because I say within a week at the most he's gonna be everywhere and into everything. Whew... I'm tired just thinking about. But I'm so grateful he's healthy and strong and he'll be so much happier when he can get where he wants to go. He's ahead of his sister by 2 months- Bailyl didn't start crawling until about 8 1/2-9 months if I remember correctly. He just watches his sister mesmerized and you can tell he wants to be moving like her and playing with her. I love that they are so close to each other already. Later this evening I went to meet a group of women from my ward to go walking in the area- about 2.6 miles. Once again I showed my loss of brain. I was a little late getting there but I saw them barely leaving the meeting point when I drove up so I knew I could run and catch up to them no problem. Well that would have been all fine and good until I was in such a hurry and started running in the wrong direction. What an idiot! Oh well... I caught up to them when they were on their way back and just joined them then. It felt really good to be out walking and exercising after too long of a break I've taken. Maybe it will give me energy to get my house spic and span tomorrow and get prepared for busy, fun weekend ahead;)

366 Blessings:
#199- Getting yummy, fresh, warm, home-made bread from my sweet Visiting Teacher!

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