Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daddy's Day Off

Friday July 25, 2008
Since Robert has to work overtime this weekend he took one of his vacation days yesterday. We had planned to have some fun family time kind of in celebration of his birthday coming up on Tuesday. I wanted to plan a couple of things but he insisted he just wanted to go to Amazing Jake's and that was it. So Friday morning we all got ready and headed out. Robert had to make a "quick" stop at his new job (I17 and Peoria) to fill out some paperwork and stuff. It ended up being a pretty annoying first part of the day. It took longer than we thought and then it took a while and a lot of driving around and waiting to get his drug test done which was pretty annoying. I'm grateful he got the new job and everything but I hate when things take longer than I plan on and when I feel out of control. And I hate it when I have to tote my kids around and they get restless because then I feel like a crappy parent. But enough complaining. Once we were done with that the rest of the day was great. First we went to Amazing Jake's. We had never been there before but heard great things about it and we wanted to do something fun for Baily since she had been locked up in the house for a few days. It was a little pricey but not over the top. I liked all the food in the buffet but the pizza. While we were there Robert's fam met us there so that made it more fun. After we grubbed we played games and had good times. Baily was in heaven with her 3 hours of unlimited fun on all the kiddy rides and we had fun playing other games. I rocked DDR and had a blast. I seriously want that game so bad! After we were done there Baily went back to the house with Em and D and me, Rob, J and my MIL went to Kohl's to get Robert some much needed work clothes and for his trip to Florida coming up. His mom gave him a big chunk of money for his birthday to spend on his clothes and the balance that we owed was his birthday present from me. After that we went back to my MIL's house and met the rest of the fam there. We hung out for a while and then played a few hands in May I? and that was fun as always. But the kids were spent by that time so we had to leave. We made a quick stop at Wally World and finally got Baily's long-awaited toy for being potty trained. I know... that was like 2 months ago but we just barely got around to it. Bad parents. But at least we keep our promises, even if it does take a while! She had a hard time picking her toy out but she ended up getting a Play Doh kit and she was so excited about it. But as soon as we got in the van both her and Joaquin crashed and burned and they were out for the night. Robert and I made a quick stop to pay a bill and headed back out to the Copa where we got to see another beautiful and awesome lighting storm. We got some food from Carl's Jr. and came home and chowed down and it was sooo good! I love Robert's days off!

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