Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Vacation Fun!!

I'm finally gonna update about our super fun family vacation. Well it was almost a family vacation... my hot babe was at home working and bringing home the bacon for me to spend. (Actually, I wouldn't have been able to go if it wasn't for the help of my extended family and their extreme generosity. Thanks everyone!) We started with my brother Beau and his beautiful new wife (and they're sweet little bun in the oven) coming to visit us here in the Copa for a few days. That was way fun. Then they left up to Show Low early and a few days later me and my kids, my little siblings Zach and Kenzie, and my brother Alex and his friend Chelsea who had come with Alex a few days before, all headed up to Show Low for a few days while Beau and Eben were there as well. We played hopscotch, enjoyed the fabulous weather, played lots of Mario Kart and Mario Party on the Gamecube, went on walks, ate s'mores and other yummy eats and just had fun. Then all of us minus Chelsea and add Beau and Eben drove during the night (actually Beau and Eben did most of the driving because apparently I'm too old to stay awake so late any more... I hate that!... but thanks guys!) up to Utah. The first day we got there was a bit rough since we were all tired, grouchy (mostly me... sorry guys!), and trying to get where we were staying situated. Beau and Eben ended up graciously hosting us the entire week we were up there and fed us. That was sooo nice and made our trip so much more enjoyable. Thanks so much guys! We got to have 4 visits with my mom which was awesome. I didn't get to visit with her as much as I would have liked since the other kids were there and wanted as much attention as they could possibly get, but that's ok because they're so much younger and needed it so much. We had a busy fun-filled week that consisted of a fun hike that kicked my booty, going to see Wall-E (LOVED it!!) and doing a little shopping, yard selling, lots of Game Cube, swimming at the Scera Community Pool which was awesome and much more cheap than a bigger water park, going to church, Sunday dinner at my cousin Aaron's and DDR and watching youtube videos, FHE and dinner at my cousin Amy's house and with the kids having fun jumping on the tramp and swinging on the famous bedswing and sharing good family memories, playing mini golf at Trafalga and me winning!, and lots of laughs and memories made. On early Wednesday morning me and my kids, Alex and Zach and Kenzie made our long trek home. I was super anxious about the trip home but Beau gave me a beautiful blessing and the trip home went sooo much better than I though it would. We finally got into town and dropped off Zach and Kenzie at their Aunt's house and then we were finally home! Well for about half a day at least. We had talked about going up to Show Low for the 4th weekend since I hate being here in the valley- it's way too hot and just doesn't feel like the 4th to me (we're usually in Wisconsin this time of year), but we realized we couldn't afford it. Well thanks once again to my very generous family and convincing from them we decided to head up there. So me, Alex and my kids left up the hill the next day. Robert had to stay behind for his Citizenship ceremony the next day. I felt bad not being there to support him but I wouldn't have been able to any way even if I was in town. When we got there my Uncle Ken and his friend Tim were up there as well as Tim's mom Mary for the weekend. We (me and my kids and all of the Brown fam) all went out to eat at El Rancho... one of my very favorite restaurants, and it was muy bueno! We also kind of celebrated my step-dad Gerald's birthday while we were there. The next day on the 4th we all went to the town parade and it was so fun. The weather was perfect all day so I was excited about that. After the parade we hung out at my Grandma's house for a bit and then me, Baily, Gerald, Rachelle and Mary went to this little jig that had a horse carriage ride, bbq and live music. Then we went and looked at a bunch of model homes that were gorgeous and that was fun. After that we went back to my Grandma's and Robert had made it there. Then me and Rob and the kids went to the little Freedom Festival at the high school and it was pretty chilly. Later that night we went with Alex to his friend's house to watch fireworks and that was fun. The kids had already sacked out. The rest of the weekend we hung out, ate a lot, went to the Taylor Rodeo which was super fun (it was Robert, Baily and Joaquin's very first rodeo!), saw 2 free movies (Get Smart which was hilarious and Hancock which was really good...thanks Alex!!) and just enjoyed visiting with family. We finally made it back late Sunday night and although I had a great vacation... it sure felt good to be home and sleeping in my own bed. We had lots of fun and this vacation would not have happened if it weren't for my family, so thanks sooo much! Love you all!
This was just my siblings hanging out at my house. Beau's hair was pretty outta control so my hubby helped him out and shaved it off. My man rocks!
This was our fun stay in Show Low before heading up to Utah. My Grandma and Tia Francine are such wonderful hosts and Gerald and Rachelle are so generous and giving as well. It was fun and good times had by all!
This was our super fun, super HARD hike while we were up in Utah. If it weren't for Beau, Eben and Alex I would not have made it up there with my kids. It was so beautiful and the Spirit was so strong up there. I loved it so much!!
Good times swimming with the fam!
Dinner and FHE with my family at my cousin Amy's house. I have the best cousins ever!
Our fabulous Fourth of July weekend in Show Low! I'm so proud to be an American!!

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