Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just chillin'.

Wednesday July 16, 2008
Yesterday started pretty early. We all had to get up early because Robert had a job interview way over in Phoenix and then after that we had to go to my MIL's house so my niece's fiance could work on our van. And since we didn't want Robert to waste gas in having to come all the way back to pick us up after his interview me and the kids went with him. (Robert had taken a vacation day so he didn't have to go to work). So anyway we dropped off Robert and I had $11 and time to kill. We were starving so I drove around and found a Mimi's Cafe. I went in on a mission to not spend over that $11 including a tip. And guess what?! I did it! I got water and only one meal for us to share and it was plenty. And I think they must have thought I was like a poor single mom or something because everyone was extra nice. They didn't charge me for Baily's juice and since they took a little while to seat me and felt bad I got 4 free muffins! Wahoo! It's good to know there are still compassionate people out So after we ate we drove around for a little bit and we got the call that Robert was done. So we went and picked him up and headed over to his mom's house. While we were waiting for D (my niece's fiance) to get back and for the car to cool down I was able to go with my SIL, niece and her friend to go pick up my bridesmaid's dress for my niece's wedding (thanks to Martha for helping me out with that!). When I got fitted for it a couple months ago I told the lady to order a size smaller than what I was fitted for. She strongly advised me against it but I told her I would be sure to fit in it. And guess what?! It was way too big. For the first time in my entire life I tried on something that was too big for me in the chest. Wahoo! That felt so good. Of course now I have to get it altered but man that felt good to know I've lost a good amount of weight in these past couple of months. So after that we just went back to the house and we were just chillin'. Robert and the baby napped, Baily played around and Em and I played cards and chatted and she did my hair. After Robert woke up he went and got the new fuel filter for our car and he and D replaced it with the old one. While I'm so grateful for D helping Robert with that I was bummed that it didn't help much and that we probably have to now replace the fuel pump which isn't exactly cheap. Once they were done we all just chilled some more. Robert and I went and got some wings from Wings Express and then we all grubbed down. We haven't had their wings forever and they were pretty tasty. We were getting ready to leave but when I found out my MIL was gonna make her famous fruit salad I decided it was best to just wait a while ;) After a long day we finally made it home and pretty much crashed.

366 Blessings:
#198- My bridesmaid dress being way too big for me!

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Malissa said...

Good for you and your too big of a dress!! You are lookin like a sexy mamma...even more than before!!Robert better hang on tight to you!! Keep up the amazing work!!