Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My groove is coming back to me!

Monday July 28, 2008
Yesterday was a good day and I felt accomplished and much better about myself. I made a few goals for the week to help me get back on track and stop being so lazy. I will only let myself be on the computer 3 times a day (this may sound like a lot to a lot of people but that's a big deal for me), twice to only check my email and once to blog at night after my kids are asleep and my house is picked up. I also made the goal not to watch tv at all except for my SYTYCD. I knew this would free up so much time during my day and help me be a better mom, wife and housewife. My other goal was to make sure and have family prayer and scriptures every day this week. Yesterday I kept all my goals and it felt super good. I felt like a good little housewife and felt a high from that all day. My house needed a lot of picking up and I had a lot of laundry to do. I even folded and hung my laundry. Wahoo! Robert had the day off so that helped me a lot with him helping out with the kids and he also braved the torturous heat and went and picked all the horrible weeds in front and back. Thank goodness because I've been dreading doing that for way too long. I was able to get an early dinner made and we had a pretty good FHE. We did the little kid activity from the new August Friend. It was so cute and Baily loved it. First she helped us read a story about Grandpa's red truck that was very friendly to her and then her and daddy colored animals from the Book of Mormon while I read the scriptures that referenced those animals. (Sorry for the "naked" pic of Rob- he was sweaty and stinky from picking weeds all day!) The last pic is what Rob's interpretation of a Curelom is. Looks like a creature from a Harry Potter book to me! After that FHE we had yummy ice cream for the treat. I got the kids to bed pretty early so Robert and I were able to watch a movie I rented a while ago, How To Make An American Quilt. It's an old chick flick from back in the day and Robert was not impressed but I liked it. I was so grateful for such a good, productive day.
366 Blessings:
#210- Getting my house picked up and getting back on routine

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AZSMITHS said...

We're a lot alike! After the talks in church about setting priorities (which I totally needed), I came home and made a schedule so that we could have family scripture time, prayer and I could do my prayers and scriptures too. This week has been tons better and I don't feel like the "Monster Mommy"! I'm glad things are looking up!