Monday, July 14, 2008

Joaquin 7 Months Old July 13, 2008

* Wears size 6-9 months, some 12 months and a size 3 diaper
* He's eating pretty much everything except milk- he's not very fond of baby food anymore
* He has a very high pitched, loud scream... and he screams just for fun
* He's very fascinated with his toes and loves to grab them
* He's always sucking on his fingers or whatever he can grab
* He still wakes up at least once at night to nurse- I'm gonna nip this in the bud
* He's fully sitting up (has been since about 5 1/2 months)
* He's got one bottom tooth that just cut through and the 2nd bottom tooth will be out any day now
* He rolls to wherever he wants to get and is on the verge of crawling- he gets in the crawling position and rocks back and forth
* He's infatuated and mesmerized by his sister
* He loves pretzel rods and cinnamon graham crackers
* He ADORES his big sister and gets a kick out of her- even when she's sitting on him or smacking his tummy
* He does the cutest thing... he sucks in his lips and makes a smacking sound
* He just started this thing when he gets excited he crinkles his nose and breathes really hard... so cute!
* He's still a major momma's boy
* He takes "big boy" baths with his sister and loves to splash

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