Thursday, July 24, 2008

My cute, cute kids!

Sometimes I really hate youtube. Anyway, since it won't post my video on here, AGAIN, here's the link. It's just my kids in all their cuteness. That's all.


jes said...

so cute! my merrik grunts all the time if food is around! and if someone has an otterpop, he takes off to be right next to them. he loves them! (probably not the best thing for him, but when it's hot, why not)

Eric and Addie said...

I have to tell you we love so you think you can dance. I like all the guys and Kourtney is my favorite girl. There bodies are out of this world!

Nikki Nielson said...

CUTE kids! They look like they love their mamma and have lots of fun with you. SO glad to hear that you love Twilight too! My sisters and I are going to a Breaking Dawn release party at Borders so that we can be there to get the book! Yes we are that crazy, we are going to make shirts and all! I will post pics for sure!