Friday, July 18, 2008

Baily Got Tagged!

I thought this was so fun! It's a tag for Baily Bug.
Name/meaning behind it: Baily Fay Dominguez, Baily from a dream of when I was pregnant with her and I dreamed I was holding her and her name was Baily- I'd never heard it before and I fell in love with the name- it took Robert a while to love it though, Fay after my mom- Kerri Fay
Age: 2 almost 3... eek!
Birthdate: September 4, 2005
Nicknames: B, Baily Bug, stinky beans
Favorite Activity(-ies): dancing, playing dolls, watching movies and cartoons, playing with forts, wrestling with daddy, reading books, jumping around like a monkey, anything outdoors
Favorite Food(s): popcorn, chocolate, chips, broccoli (baby trees), broccoli cheese soup, go-gurts, soda (bad momy!), apples, grapefruit, her Abuela's black beans
Least Favorite Food(s): lemon chicken, jell-o
Favorite Music: Yanni, jazz music, nursery songs
Favorite Toy(s): purses, her grocery cart, dolls, balls, her mega blocs
Favorite Book(s): I love you Forever, Greg Olsen children's art books, pretty much any of them
Favorite item(s) of clothing: nothing! she loves to be naked... but when she does where clothes it's probably her purple skirt and froggy shirt
What makes me happy: family time- whether it's sitting down for dinner or FHE, taking treats to the neighbors, going to the park, going to Show Low (her favorite place in the world), going to church and nursery, playing with her friends, seeing Bryan and Tyler, swimming, going on walks, playing with Joaquin
Tags: Anyone who's 2 or 3 years old!

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The Francis 4 said...

I'll do it for Landen!!! You'll have to check it out!!