Wednesday, December 02, 2009

November Bailyisms

11.10- We are in the car and Taylor Swifts song You Belong To Me comes on, which is one of her very favorite songs. She exclaims so excitedly "Mom! It's Joseph Smith, my favorite! I belong to her mom!"
11.17- She was throwing a fit in the tub while I was dressing Joaquin and she starts screaming "I can't do this anymore. I just can't take it!" She needs to stop listening to me so much.
11.18- I was blow drying my hair and she was watching a movie and she comes in and asks ever so nicely "Mom? Can you turn that down please?"
11.19- She woke up with a sore throat and tells me "Mom. It hurts inside my neck."
11.19- She made a heart with her hands and sweetly told me "Mom, here's a special heart for you because I love you so much."
11.30- All the way to church she kept saying this line from Home Alone- "But they got nude beaches." Nice. How is it, that from that whole movie, that line is her favorite?!

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