Monday, December 21, 2009

Blessings for 12.14

12.20- woke up feeling pretty great, how beautiful and precious my kids looked all dressed up in their Christmas outfits, Baily's excitement to find presents under the tree and her first time going through each one shaking it and guessing what it might be and recalling how much I loved Christmas as a child, Motab's Christmas music on the way to church- B and I singing at the top of our lungs to Hallelujah and feeling the Spirit so strongly, an amazing Sacrament meeting where the Spirit was burning like an unquenchable fire within me- my kids sat and behaved so well- reading Luke 2 as a ward- Bishop's awesome talk and how wonderful of a Bishop he is- singing Christmas hymns as a ward family- sweet Cyz girl sharing her snacks with my kids and smiling so beautifully, watching The Nativity in Sunday School and once again- Spirit was burning, getting new Gospel Principles for next 2 years of RS study and so excited about it, awesome YW class- putting together stockings for girls who weren't there- beautiful testimonies shared about Savior- getting to share my testimony about my Savior- getting awesome ornament gift and goodies from Sis. R., B had a blast at her Primary Christmas party and got so many awesome goodies and gifts- best Sunbeam teachers ever!, B's excitement and pure look of joy on her sweet face when she gave her teachers the gift she made, beautiful Christmas music on the way home and singing at top of our lungs with B to Motab's Joy To The World, nice convo with my bro Beau- love that boy!, the best fresh Alaskan halibut dinner at my dad's, Sunday family dinner at dad's- good laughs & conversation, nice deep conversation with dad, Joaquin's secret kiss/handshake he made up for he and I, J's adorable new dance that he made up out of nowhere and does all the time, all out dancing with my kids for half an hour- nothing but music blaring and bums shaking and lots of laughing, cuddling with my girl at bedtime and being overwhelmed with the love I have for her

12.19- my heart being softened and realizing I was wrong and apologizing, principle of forgiveness, email, true love, B playing with her friend Amber so I could have a "meeting with Santa," Joaquin being so cute and loving his alone time with me at the store, Christmas shopping for kids is done!- only one more gift to get for my brother, fun Christmas tag, Christmas music-specifically "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" by Motab, actually sitting down to a homemade meal with my kids for dinner, Joaquin cracking me up during his bath and splashing me until I was soaked, exciting news from Gerald and Rachelle!, making Santa cookies with B and a gift for her Primary teacher for her Primary Christmas party tomorrow, Zpac antibiotics and how they are helping me feel better so much faster- cough is gone!!, meds, B sleeping in her own bed, wrapping is done (except for Roberts) and I'm all prepared for a good Sabbath tomorrow, a pretty productive day finally

12.18- 5 years of being married to the best man ever for time and all eternity, made it through another pay period, B & J playing with Joaquin's new car couch that he got with his giftcard from his Abuela Cande and having so much fun with it, prayer, sweet calls from my Dad (he told me I'm the best daughter ever and it made me cry- a good cry) and Alex, most amazing & patient husband ever, pizza and CM with hubby

12.17- Christmas cards and letters sent- whew!, super friendly postal lady and mailman, new g's!!, house cleaned and getting more organized, sweet 12 Days of Christmas story and scripture, nice lunch with hubby for our anniversary and talking about our 5 faves of each other for our 5 years, Patty watching our kids so we could go out, awesome VT who brought a sweet dinner for us, watching First Pres. Christmas Devotional as a family for Advent Activity, acting out scenes from Elf for Advent Activity

12.16- prayer, prayer, prayer, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, hubby home from work- weird circumstances but glad to have him home, hubby's love and care for me, surviving through the day- literally, an amazing Dr. who I know really cares about me, awesome YW activity that I worked so hard on and the girls worked so hard on- great Spirit and great activity, Sis. Rebarchik- she's amazing!!, getting a very generous gift in the mail from someone who loves us- tender mercy Christmas style, my Savior and testimony of Him, knowing I'm loved, getting mom's letter written and ready to go

12.15- my boys excitement for life when he wakes up at 7:30am on the dot every day, ham and biscuits for breakfast, internet and computer, house cleaned and laundry done, playin' with my kids, baking cookies with Baily and giving them to a neighbor as a Secret Santa and then caroling to Patty, cute new monster jammies for J, watching Monsters Inc. with the kiddos

12.14- Happy Birthday Tia Franci!!, leftover cold pizza, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, crud in my chest is finally breaking up- I may finally be getting better, hubby's french toast and bacon breakfast, reading 12 Days Of Christmas story and scripture as a family, decorating gingerbread house as a family, computer and internet, Joaquin's birthday package from Abuelita & Tia & giftcard from Abuela came in the mail and he was so excited!, Christmas gifts made for family & ordered, Supernanny and her tips, nice conversation with my Abuelita, broccoli cheese soup, cranberry juice, scalding hot shower

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