Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Calendar Activity Day 16 & 17

  For our activity for day 16 we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional online as a family.  Well- we tried.  Our kids sat through the first 2 songs and prayer and then they got very restless.  We tried to tell them to go play downstairs but they did not want to.  They wanted to be near us.  So as they were climbing all over us and running circles around us, we watched and listened to the whole Devotional.  It got a little crazy at times trying to hear but we did it and it was wonderful.  I loved the music and the emotion that was felt as I could sense the emotion from the First Presidency.  It was wonderful and I loved that we watched it as a family (mostly:)!  Here's the link- you should totally watch it!,4945,8921-1-5016-2,00.html

For our activity for day 17 we acted out some fun scenes from one of our favorite Christmas movies- Elf.  At the request of Baily and her dad, I didn't record it.  Sorry!  But it was hilarious and we had fun doing it.  Baily decided at the last minute that she just wanted to be a spectator instead of an actor but that was fine.  She had fun watching.  Joaquin did awesome as the angry elf who tackled Buddy (his dad).  Good times!

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