Saturday, December 05, 2009

Advent Calendar Activity Day 5

Our activity for today was changed from decorating every door in our house to going to the Christmas light parade in downtown Lake Geneva and it ended up being a great choice.  It was cold, but definitely not as cold as last year (4 degrees- yikes!) and we only had to wait outside for about 20 minutes and were able to get right out as soon as it was over.  Robert had to work which was a bummer but we went anyway and had fun.  The kids seemed to love it except for Baily not liking the loud noises of the fire trucks.  They got a ton of candy which they were stoked about.  It was a cute parade and I just love this friendly community I get to be a part of.  Only 20 more days 'til Christmas!!

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Karen said...

I have to admit that I miss your long posts. I didn't get to read them as much as I wanted, but I really enjoyed reading about YOU and your family.
All the events look so fun! You are a great mom for planning all these things. WAY TO GO YOU!