Monday, December 07, 2009

Blessings for 11.30

12.6- sweet Sunbeams doing sweet Sharing Time and getting to watch, my awesome Beehives- love 'em so much!, Joaquin's cute hair, conversation with my Abuelita- love her so much!, nice little Sunday snooze, yummy lasagna and garlic bread at my dad's house for Sunday family dinner, Robert's home earlier than usual, watching Cards game with him and Cards miraculously beat Vikings!!, aroz con chocolate

12.5- nienie's blog and her inspiration to me (beautiful photo on her post today), cocoa and cookies for breakfast, prayer, prayer, prayer, light parade with my kids, Biggest Loser, prayer, prayer, fresh & clean Baily Bug, making goals & having hope from Christ, watching videos of my babies when they were tiny babies and crying like a baby, my awesome hubby, watching CM with awesome hubby

12.4- successful YW Pres. meeting with lots of great things planned, great gospel discussion & testimonies, getting to serve with such amazing & inspiration sisters, being able to pay rent, BK onion rings, more music on ipod, Joaquin's adorable new mohawk, letter from my momma, B playing all day so nicely with Amber, scarf weather! and getting to wear my favorite scarf that my momma made for me, prayer, Christmas music, my Savior & the Atonement, fun Ward Christmas party with great food & pictures & Santa, love our ward!, Christmas lights and kids in awe at Grand Geneva, warm clothes and warm home on such a COLD day, watching Dan In Real Life & Music & Lyrics with the fam

12.3- my girlfriends caring about me, playing v-ball and having a blast even though I didn't want to go at first, snow!, Glee, excited about fitness goals, frozen pizza, watching Parent Trap with my kids, singing Silent Night and snuggling with Joaquin before he went to sleep, making Christmas and snow figures with play-doh with B for our Advent Activity Day 3, new music on ipod

12.2- very pleasant dreams, awesome episode of SYTYCD & music, playtime with Joaquin and his precious & unique laugh, day 2 Advent activity- making ornaments with Baily, B playing at friend's house again, getting my mom's 12 days of Christmas planned and prepared and ready to go, computers, printers, the Internet, better communication with hubby, successful YW activity and 10 Promises for Jesus, planning & excitement for our combined YM/YW activity in a couple weeks, my sweet Beehives, Sis. Rebarchik and all her awesomeness

12.1- grapefruit (you're gonna get sick of me saying this), grocery shopping and having a stocked kitchen, generous ward members, awesome RS Pres. who gave me advice and a new perspective, B playing at her friend's house, repentance, The Atonement, chat & brisk walk with Patty, spending time doing Advent calendar & activity with Baily, cinnamon toast & cocoa & cuddling with B while watching Home Alone

11.30- hubby let me sleep in even though it was my turn to get up with J, nice sound sleep, hubby's fluffy pancakes and bacon, family council & scriptures & prayer, Christmas music, washer and dryer so I don't have to do all my laundry by hand

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