Monday, December 14, 2009

Blessings for 12.7

12.13- my baby turned 2!- can't describe my gratitude for my sweet Joaquin, prayer getting me through the day, house cleaned up and hubby helping me so much, fun little birthday party with dad & fam at our house- pizza & football cake & fun decorations, Joaquin's excitement with his gifts and having Happy Birthday sung to him & blowing out his candles, good laughs with my family (Pawn stars?- lol), nice quiet evening at home and hubby letting me sleep and rest

12.12- found a great deal on Craigslist for Christmas, cell phones, spending all day with my family, Taco Bell, Christmas music, super fun Christmas party with YW leaders and their husbands, great food, great gospel discussion

12.11- pay day- made it through another pay period, feeling a wee bit better, Glee, Julie & Julia with my Bug, getting a Christmas angel gift for B to give and her excitement for it, BK food (especially onion rings), internet shopping, hanging with my man

12.10- sweet snuggles in bed with Baily while feeling miserable (she helped me to forget the misery for a few wee moments), Patty took Baily while Joaquin was napping so I could nap, kids cooperating so I can rest more than usual, tv, hubby loves me and brought me toast and oj

12.9- snow, snow, beautiful snow!, Robert off work all day, Robert's pancake and bacon breakfast again! (he's so good to us;), playing in the snow with my snow bunnies, making brownies and popcorn balls with the Bugster, delicious homemade beef chimichangas with a recipe I created on my own with homemade quacamole, watching Christmas Story and Harry Potter with my Bug and man, making it through the night alive after being VERY sick

12.8- beautiful & peaceful snow (let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!), making it through the night and finally getting some sleep after Joaquin puked about 12 times, hubby's bacon, sweetest & juiciest grapefruit, family prayer, tv & nickjr., Joaquin's long nap, unexpected but gratefully accepted Sealaska shareholder check, Christmas cards, onion chicken cooking all day in my crockpot, cuddling and watching Polar Express with my babies, aroz con chocolate, dad and Jensen for bringing me Gatorade for my kids, kids feeling much better running around and playing like nothing- quick bug and so grateful!, my sweet dad coming to clear our driveway for Robert at 11 o'clock at night, BL and amazing transformations, hubby made it home safe after 2 1/2 hours of driving!

12.7- out with the old-in with the new, rejuvenating walk, ipod, warm house, clean house & laundry, smell of pinesol, food to eat, prayer to help my little boy feel better, a washer and dryer for all the vomiting mess, how everything seems so much better when my hubby gets home

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