Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Calendar Activity Days 10 & 11

The past few days our house has been played with an awful, weird sickness. It starts with major vomiting and diarrhea, then followed by feeling like you were hit by a semi- horrible body aches and leg cramps, very sore throat, aching ears, migraine like headache, burning eyes. It's awful. The kids had it first for only a day and then I got it. I'm finally feeling better after a couple of days but it's been horrible. So anyway, yesterday thankfully was an easy Advent Activity. Watch 2 of your favorite Christmas movies. Baily chose the Grinch and Polar Express. I was dozing in and out of them but it was nice snuggling up and watching movies on my bed (except for the being sick and miserable part. Then today's activity was to buy a toy for someone else and donate it to charity. So the kids and I went to Walmart and picked out one of the Christmas Angel tags on the tree at the front of the store. It was for a 7 year old girl and all she wanted was a stuffed animal. How sweet is that. That was a fairly easy one and one we could afford;) so off we went. Once I explained the process to Baily she was so excited about it. She picked out a very cute stuffed kitty cat and was so excited to give it to the lady at customer service for her "new friend." She asked me to ask the lady to make sure that her "new friend would get the cute kitty cat so she can be happy on Christmas." I was so proud and my heart was touched. What a sweet daughter I have. This has to be my favorite Advent Activity so far!

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Niki said...

Honestly, what a sweetheart. And a good mommy for teaching her that lesson!!