Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let Him In.

Tonight we had our YM/YW combined activity and it was awesome.  I decided to use this as my Personal Progress Faith Project. The Beehives were in charge of this activity and they did a great job helping put it all together.  I love my Beehives so much!!  So for the activity we split up all the YM and YW into 2 groups.  They were told that they were going to go to people in the ward's houses and do service for them- like vacuuming, dishes, laundry- stuff like that.  It was planned though that each house would reject them.  When they were done being rejected they showed up back at the church where the YW room was transformed into a lowly lit manger scene.  Yours truly and my hubby got to be Joseph and Mary and my kids were little lambs- only they didn't last for more than 10 seconds.  As all the kids came in and sat down Mary and Joseph (me and my hubster) gave a little devotional about how the innkeepers shut Christ out of their lives and how we should be careful not to do the same.  After the devotional we listened to the song from the Forgotten Carols, "Let Him In."  After that we heard a couple of testimonies for our sweet YW and then we had cocoa and cookies.  It was a beautiful night and the Spirit was strong and I got a lot of good feedback which felt great.  I hope that those sweet YW and YM felt the true Spirit of Christmas tonight and will carry that with them.  I love these kids and I love my Savior and it's my greatest wish to help those sweet kids know and love their Savior as I do.  I hope we can all not do as the innkeepers and shut out Christ, but instead, LET HIM IN!

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Niki said...

What a good Joseph and Mary you make - and a good YW leader, too! (I hate YW. Too much work, too many bad attitudes...including mine. I feel safe in Primary.)