Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Poor Sick Babies

I'm not sure what's passing through this house but it's not good.  Joaquin started yesterday with no eating (that's always a warning sign with him), diarrhea, complaining that his tummy was "ow," and then later on with the vomiting- non-stop.  We eventually made it through the night (not fun) and this morning he kept throwing up with a fever going up and down.  Baily woke up in  a horrible mood complaining that her legs were hurting and aching real bad.  She then power puked and said her head "hurt inside her brain"- headache.  Poor babies.  I hate when they're sick!  I'm so grateful for a washer and dryer though.  Hopefully, whatever this is, it's quick!


Niki said...

I've heard sick kids is about the worst thing EVER! At least it's something that will actually go away; right?!

Send some of that white stuff our direction!! I MISS FOUR SEASONS!!!

Julie said...

oh man G had it for 6 weeks she was vomiting like 6 times a day for a week then the poo started for another, then it was like every 2 days in the middle of the night she was throwing up again. IT SUCKED BIG TIME. so here is my adivce. Pedi light, bannas, rice apple sauce. once they are done with the vomit/poo start them on a Probiotic to help restore all they lost. I hope it passes soon. Also thanks for your sweet comment. Just remeber I usually only post my ups. ( I have had a few big downs my little boy still only is sleeping 4 hours a night) so i cry often and play lots!!!!! I think you are a great mom too, we are all in this together sister of zion!

Julie said...

I ment PRAY but I do play a little too!