Monday, December 14, 2009

My Baby Boy is 2!!

As much as I try to avoid my children's birthdays, I can't. They just grow up too darn fast. Yesterday my sweet Joaquin turned 2. I woke up pretty sick so we ended up missing church. Luckily though we only had a small little family party planned so it was pretty easy to handle being sick. Plus Robert was home to help so that was great. We had Joaquin's favorite food- pizza. And he was pretty insistent that his cake be a football cake so that's just what he got. I think he kept wondering all day why everyone kept telling him Happy Birthday but when we started to put up the decorations and he saw his cake he started getting pretty excited. My Dad, Patty and Eyan all came by to help us celebrate. We ate some yummy pizza and then it was onto the gifts. He got pretty into it this year and it was so cute. After the first present, a remote control truck from my Dad & fam, he just wanted to play with that and not worry about the rest. But we did get him to open the rest. On the next present he would tear a little piece of paper then hand it to his dad and say "'Ere go." He kept doing that over and over and we were all dying laughing. I finally had to step in and help or we would have been there all night. He got a dinosaur, colors and a big Diego color book, clothes and a letter magnet thingy. He made out pretty well and seemed pretty happy about all his gifts. When we sang him Happy Birthday he had the biggest smile on his face. It was so sweet. And it took him a couple of times before he could get the candles to blow out but it was so sweet. Man I love my boy!! I'm so grateful he's a part of our family and we get to be together forever!

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