Sunday, January 18, 2009

We goin' to the Super Bowl y'all!!

Sunday January 18, 2009
So today was AMAZING! Thanks to my Cardinals. What an awesome game. It got a little scary but I KNEW we could pull it off. I can't even tell you how excited I am. This morning we just sorta hung out and got some stuff for our trip tomorrow morning back to WI. My poor baby boy has a HORRIBLE diaper rash and his poor little bum was dripping in blood this morning and it broke my heart. I hope this new medicine we got will help out otherwise we're gonna have to stop along the way tomorrow at an Urgent Care. But the good news is that he wasn't as fussy as he's been and his drooling and runny nose has stopped so I think his teeth must have finally broke through which means hopefully the diaper rash will clear up. As painful as it looked it didn't seem to bother him much except when he was being wiped. I hate when my kids have pain. Anyway during the game Robert and I were glued to the tv. I love watching football with my man. I missed being with my dad but we were texting each other the whole game so that was cool. I gotta pretty worried during the 3rd quarter but we pulled it off and it was an amazing game. I LOVE Fitzgerald! He's so amazing and so athletic. And Warner's pretty dang awesome too. During the game my Abuelita & Tia made some delicious home-made Navajo tacos and we had munchies all day. Man I'm going to miss being able to come up here to Show Low in only 3 hours. We are always so spoiled and taken care of so well. I just love my family up here so much. After the game we went over to my step-parent's Gerald and Rachelle's house to say our goodbyes and I also got my early b-day present. I got this ADORABLE hand bag (I really needed one of those) and it was filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies. One of it was the complete Bare Minerals make-up set which I've wanted forever. I loved this gift! Thanks so much Gerald and Rachelle. It was hard to say goodbye but I made it clear that it wasn't goodbye but see ya' later. We're gonna miss them a lot. When we got back my boys went to sleep and Baily and I stayed up and played another roaring game of May I? with my niece Emely, Alex and a bunch of his friends. It was fun and me winning AGAIN was just icing on the cake. Good times, good times. I just finished up packing and now I'm enjoying blogging on an awesome, fast computer one more time before we're headed back to the freezing cold. Have I mentioned how much I'm gonna miss my Show Low and family up here?! But today was a great last day... Go Cardinals!!!


Sommer and Lance said...

Shelbie had a really bad diaper rash and i kept putting different creams on it and nothing helped. My mom told me to use cornstarch, it cleared up within a couple days. You should try it.

loving life with livie said...

yeah cards! Ü

loved all the show low references. i miss it, too...sometimes! Ü

and your trip to disneyland sounded so fun. i'm so jealous.

Eric and Addie said...

go cardinals!! that was a fun game.
max always gets nasty diaper rashes and we always end up having to get a prescription for it. i hope your poor little boy is doing better darn it.
some days i wish i could go back to work.