Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation- a great way to start the year!!

So I'm here in Show Low, AZ a few day before we go home to Wisconsin and I haven't had a chance to catch up on my blog until now so I thought I'd take this chance that I have since I'm kidless and able to use my brother's AMAZINGLY FAST, awesome computer to do some catching up.
Sunday January 4, 2009
**I was so excited to go to church to start off the year great and Baily could hardly contain her excitement to finally be going to Primary instead of Nursery and to be a Sunbeam. Well much to our dismay the roads were covered and ice and we were just not able to go to church. Baily was NOT happy at all. I read her some Friend articles and we sang Primary songs which satisfied her a little bit but she was very sad she missed her first day of Primary. After that I spent a good chunk of time studying the Sunday School lesson and a Joseph Smith lesson which, although it wasn't the same as going to church, gave me a pretty good spiritual boost. We spent the rest of the day together hanging out and I packed up for our long trip to AZ. Then it was
time for me to go to my first day of work. I will post the picture later after I get home to Wisconsin. I had to get new shoes and so of course breaking them in was very painful. Within an hour I had already developed blisters and they had popped and it hurt so bad. I think I'll like the job. It's as a banquet server for a really fancy schmancy resort called The Grand Geneva Resort. I forgot what the atmosphere is like as a server and being around a lot of non-members (bad language) but I've decided that it's a chance for me to let my light shine and try really hard to be a good example. The co-workers all seem really nice, it's pretty easy as far as not having to think a lot (it's pretty physical though and it'll be rough getting used to being on my feet for hours upon hours again), and it will be fun because it will be something different every time. So I'm pretty excited about it. I hate that I have to work but we need to survive and I'm grateful to have found a job somewhat quickly and one that will be fun and makes pretty good money.
Monday January 5, 2009
The day started off WAY too early- as in 3 am. We had to be up and my dad dropped us off at the airport (me and my kiddos) for our flight to AZ. Joaquin had a rough time the first 20 minutes and I was just praying for him to calm down as I could feel the passengers stressing that they were going to be stuck on a flight with a crying baby. But he calmed down and fell asleep and was fine the rest of the trip. When we got there it was so warm and sunny. Baily even said "Mom look! It's the sun!" It was pretty funny. Unfortunately Robert had to work that day but our niece Emely kindly picked us up. We just hung out at my MIL's house, where we stayed, while we waited for him to come home. I got to eat the tamales that my MIL made just for me and we enjoyed home-made grapefruit juice. Yummy! My kids had a blast playing outside and with the new toys that their Abuela got them for Christmas. Baily was SO excited when her dad got home from work and it was precious. It took Joaquin a little bit longer to recognize his dad but once he did he was pretty excited too. We took a nice evening walk and it felt so good to be with my man again. Man I missed him!

Tuesday January 6, 2009
On this day we just hung out and chatted with Emely for most of the day. Later on I was so excited and blessed to go see the Lion King on Broadway at Gammage with my brother Alex and his friends from his college choir group. We got the tickets back in September so I had been excited a very long time to see it. Alex and I had seen it back when I was pregnant with Baily and we were on the very last row so we missed seeing the top half of the play. Even then it was amazing and I was so touched that I bawled the whole time. So this time we had awesome seats in the very middle in the tier section. Yes... I bawled almost the entire time once again. The talent that is put into this play is- well there are no words for it. It just touches me to my very center. Before we went to see the show I met up with Alex and his posse at PF Chang's (as is tradition every time we go to a play), and he treated me to a most delicious dinner. As is tradition we had lettuce wraps (the best food in the world btw) for appetizers and then everyone at the table got a different entree and we each take a little bit of everyone's. It's so, so good. Then we went to the play where Alex spoiled me again and got me a Lion King charm bracelet that I love so much. The play like I said was just perfect. After the play we went out to the stage door and hoped to meet some of the cast. I got to meet the boy who played the young Simba and I was SO excited. He was the sweetest little kid and so humble and sweet. I will never ever forget that. Alex had to leave with his group and while I was waiting for my ride I also go to meet the guys that played Timon and Pumba (I forgot to take a picture- bummer!). It was such a magical evening!!

Wednesday January 7, 2009
On this day I took the kids on a nice long walk to the park and took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather. Then I spent time getting ready for my big trip to Florida. Oh and I watched the movie Freedom Writers which I loved. By the end of the day I was definitely ready for my trip to Florida. I love my babies so much but momma needs a break every once in a while! Grumpy was ready for her vacation!

Thursday January 8, 2009
Thursday started off very early once again for another early flight. I had been planning for this trip to Floriday to run in the Disney World Half Marathon for a year. My Aunt Konny makes an amazing offer to her family to get us to run the Half Marathon but you have to sign up the year before so her motive is to get the family healthy. Don't you wish you had an Aunt Konny like mine?! Anway, this was my first trip without my kids EVER, so I couldn't believe how easy it was. It was soooo nice. I read my scriptures in such a peaceful manner, I had a nice conversation with a football coach that sat next to me (he was hilarious and so cool) and had an easy layover in Houston and I wasn't at all bothered by the HUGE lines to get on the Disney Magical Express once I got to Orlando. Traveling is really nice when there's no little munchkins involved! While I was waiting on the shuttle to go to my hotel room my Uncle Kelly and Aunt Shirlee ended up on the same shuttle so that was cool. After we got to our room, which was awesome- I loved the Disney World All Star Sports Resort, we went and ate in the cafeteria downstairs (the food was really good too!) and then we went and picked up our race goody bag and info. Then we went back to the resort for more food and met up with my cousin Karly there. We chatted for a while then retired and later that night my Aunt Konny, Aunt Kathy and cousins Clint and Karen got there. I was just filled with excitement. It's amazing how you start to feel like a real person instead of just someone's wife or mom when you are on your own for a while!

Friday January 9, 2009
On Friday I went with the rest of the group to go get their race stuff even though I had already gotten mine. Then after that all of us minus my Aunt Kathy went to Epcot Center. Due to lack of moolah I was totally planning on chilling at the hotel with my Aunt Kathy all day but thanks to a very generous family member who I'm so very grateful for, I was able to go to Epcot Center. We all ate at a really good, cool Mexican restaurant and had a good chat. Then everyone split up and I ended up getting to hang out with my cousin Karly. I'm so glad she came. We had so much fun but later in the afternoon we got pretty tired. We really wanted to stay and go on some more rides and watch the amazing fireworks show they have but we knew if we did that we wouldn't make it back to our room until 10 or later and since we had to be up at 3 the next morning to run 13.1 miles we figured that probably wasn't the best idea. So we headed back, ate a ton of pasta and got our food for the next morning's pre-race meal and after getting everything ready for the next morning and my Aunt Konny giving us all the info we needed and after I prayed my heart out that I wouldn't die the next day we all crashed. It was such a fun and nerve-wracking day!

Saturday January 10, 2009
**So Saturday was the big day. You're gonna have to wait on pictures since I took a disposable camera (was afraid I'd drop my digital although if I do it next year I think I'll bring my digital along next time) and haven't gotten the film developed yet. (Do they even do that any I woke up and my adrenaline was pumping let me tell you. Although it wasn't cold it was definitely chilly at about 45 degrees at 3:45 in the morning when we loaded the bus to the race spot. I was wearing a tank and capris and a tshirt over it but I was sweating because of the adrenaline and nerves. There were so many people running the race and the vibe was so exciting and I totally fed off of it. So many people told me that once you do your first race it becomes an addiction and I can totally see that coming true for me. So first I have to say that I'm proud of myself for even going because I wanted to back out so many times. I did not train like I wanted to and even though I trained off and on for the whole year exept the last 2 months before the race, I was not prepared at all for this race. So here's what happened. I only made it 10 miles before I got picked up by the bus. If you're behind the 16 minute per mile pace you get picked up. I was sooo bummed and cried as soon as I got picked up. But after some reflection here's what I think: I lost 70 lbs in the little amount of training I did last year for this race which is pretty dang awesome, I made it 10 miles on my very first ever race which is like 3 times farther than a 5 K- that's pretty good. Once I met up with all the rest of the family, who all did awesome by the way and I was so happy for them all, my Aunt Konny gave me one of the medals she got. For some reason she got 2 medals- nobody knows why. I think it's a tender mercy of the Lord for me. At first I didn't want to take the medal but I really feel like I deserve even though I didn't finish all the way. The race was a blast and the vibe was just awesome. I'm so motivated and determined to kick the race's butt the next time I come back. After the race we were all so dead- at least I sure was. I took the longest, hottest shower I've ever taken after eating a lot and it felt so good on my aching body. I have never been so sore in my entire life. Even my fingers and ears were sore. I took a very long nap and the rest of the day we all just relaxed. Later that night I got some pizza and watched the awesome Cardinals kick the tar out of the Panthers. It was such a good game! So even though the race day didn't turn out like I would have liked I had an absolute blast, I'm proud of myself for giving it my all in the race (not in training) and I learned a lot and am ready to do much better. It was an unforgettable experience!
Sunday January 11, 2009
When I woke up on Sunday I thought I was going to die! I was SOOO sore. I was once again planning on hanging out in the room but once again thanks to a very generous family member I was able to go with my cousins to Disney Hollywood Adventures park. I'm so glad I got to go because we had a blast. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was so much fun along with the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster ride. We got to see cool shows, enjoyed some yummy food and just had a great time. I must say though we looked like quite the pathetic bunch walking so sore and funny looking. After we got back that night we all had a good dinner and chat and said our goodbyes and I packed up. It was such a fun trip and one I'll never ever forget. Thanks Aunt Konny!

Monday January 12, 2009
Monday was another early start for another very early flight. I had a layover again in Houston and I was so tired by that time. As we were about to start our flight to Phoenix I started to feel the beginnings of a migraine coming on. It was sooo painful and I felt nauseous. I couldn't hold back to the tears from the pain and I just knew I was getting a migraine. I prayed my heart out to be able to endure the pain or if it was His will, that it would go away. How grateful I was to be able to fall asleep and wake up with no more pain. He does answer prayers and I'm so very grateful for that! After I got home I just loved on my son for a very long time. Baily was with her Grandpa Gerald and when he dropped her off I loved on her a very long time. Oh how I missed my babies. I was grateful for and needed the vacation but my arms just ached to hold them. Man I love my kids! After Robert got home I was very grateful to realize how much he missed me;) and later on my step-parents Gerald and Rachelle brought over their Christmas presents for us. I know- we are so spoiled!! We all got some awesome stuff and I'm so grateful for Gerald and Rachelle and their love and support of me and my family. Unfortunately they couldn't stay very long so they left. The rest of the night was just relaxing and nice. I felt refreshed after my trip and happy to be with my family.

Tuesday January 13, 2009
Tuesday was a pretty busy day. I woke up and got the room and our luggage cleaned and organized. Then my step-dad came and me and my kids went with him to lunch where we were treated to some delicious El Pollo Loco and then went to Freestone Park and enjoyed the beautiful weather once again. After that he went back to his hotel room and me and my kids went and picked up my little siblings Zach and Mackenzie. I miss these guys so much. They wanted Burger King and to go to the park and hang out for a bit so that's what we did. I gave Zach is itunes gift card for his birthday and he was just so grateful. I only got to hang out with them for about an hour and a half but it was pure bliss. They seem so happy and content and that just does my heart good. Baily and Kenzie just bonded and it was so sweet. I was so sad to drop them off and I could tell they were sad too but it was a wonderful visit and I'm so grateful for it. I love those guys so much. After I dropped them off I had to go pick up Robert at work and it was a long drive. The traffic was horrible- I'm not going to miss that all. At least my kids slept though. As soon as we got to my MIL's house Gerald was there to pick us up to bring us to Show Low. Baily was so excited to go to her favorite place in the world- Show Low. Joaquin... not so much. He was a pretty fussy little booger and I'm positive he's teething again. The trip went by pretty fast though and I'm so grateful for Gerald's help. We got here pretty late and we chatted for a bit but then we all crashed.
Wednesday January 14, 2009
Yesterday was just a laidback, relaxing day. I just enjoyed chatting and visiting with my Abuelita and Tia Franci and just chilling. Later that night after a delicious homemade meal that my Abuletia made (man I missed homecooked meals!) I was treated to a night at the movies with my brother Alex and his friends. My Grandma and Tia watched my kids for me. I told you I was spoiled! I got in free and got free popcorn and soad and M&M's. That was worth it since the movie pretty much sucked. But I had a blast anyway. I always have so much fun with Alex and his friends. They make me feel so young and alive! After the movie we picked up some pizzas and came back to my Grandma's. I got J to sleep and then I got to play Catch Phrase and it was so much fun. Baily was so tired and instead of being a grump she was so silly and we were all cracking up at here. Love that girl! It was such a fun day!


Karen said...

Sarah, It was SO good to see you and be with you. I'm so glad that you didn't bail on us for the race and I think you did AMAZING! You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. I hope you enjoy all the fun time you have with your family and have a safe trip home! We love you and we are SO glad to have been able to share this with you.

Graves Family said...

wow! you've been busy! ten miles is hard on the body and mind; congrats for that accomplishment. It was great to see whats been going on in your life. How hard to be away form your hubby, start a new job, and train for a run. But you still sound up beat!