Thursday, January 22, 2009

Counting my blessings- 1.1-1.11

In an effort to be more grateful last year I posted a blessing a day so it was my 366 blessings for the year. This year I've just decided to list my blessings for each day and not worry about repeating myself. Wow what difference being grateful makes! Once you get started thinking of your blessings each day and ways the Lord has had a hand in your life, it's hard to limit yourself so it's not a novel. Anyway, in an effort for my blog to not have a mile's worth of length on the side I'll just be posting the previous week's list of blessings so I can archive it and keep a little bit more free space on my sidebar (if that made any sense...). So here's my blessings I had posted for each day from January 1st to the 11th:
1.1- a fesh new year, sweet conversation this morning with Baily about Jesus, my dad teaching Joaquin to howl like a coyote, my dad's traditional New Year's Day good luck black eyed beans, finding a bunch of books of mine that I want to read, reading books with Baily Bug (God's Dream by: Archbishop Tutu- awesome!), Joaquin snuggling with me, feeling caught up and on top of things!
1.2- The Book of Mormon, Broccoli cheese soup with french bread for dipping, not breaking down and drinking a Dr. Pepper even though I wanted one SO.BAD., Baily being such a sweetheart at bedtime and her sweet prayer
1.3- me and Joaquin making a pact to be best buds forever, "squishes" (bear hugs) with Baily, finding one of my favorite cousins starting a blog, cranberry scented lotion, Joaquin cracking up laughing at his goofy sister, Baily taking a nap during on the day and cuddling with me all day, watching football with my dad and the AZ Cardinals kicking butt! Go Cards!!
1.4- Friend magazine, Book of Mormon stories, prayers, starting a study of the Doctrine & Covenants, gaining a stronger testimony of Joseph Smith, finding out I get free food at my job- triple berry cheesecake, liking my new job a lot, getting off like 2 1/2 hours early from my new job and being able to prepare for AZ trip
1.5- my dad waking up super early to drive us to the airport, safe trip to AZ, nice guy on airplane who made J laugh a lot, B & J being so excited to see their daddy, sleep, my MIL's tamales that she made just for me, going for a walk with my hubby and kids
1.6- my kids being able to play outside in the warm sun, the movie Freedom Writers, popcorn & M&M's, PF Chang's lettuce wraps and chocalate cake dessert shot, enjoying good company with my brother Alex and his friends, my new Lion King charm bracelet that Alex got me, watching the Lion King Broadway show, laughing and hanging out with my niece Emely
1.7- the way J dances every time he sees his Abuela Cande, the way J makes a pouty face (cutest thing ever!) whenever he doesn't get what he wants, Heavenly Father's patience with me, Elder Cristofferson and Elder Bednar's conference talks, sleeping next to my husband, talking to my mom on the phone and hearing her happiness, having fun with my kids at the park in the warm sunshine
1.8- orange juice when you have a scratchy throat, sitting next to a really funny and cool guy on the plane, traveling without kids and how easy it is, finishing reading a book (The Alchemist), arriving in sunny Florida and all it's beauty, the excitement of being on vacation, hanging out with my Willis family, sleeping!! all by myself
1.9- my Aunt Konny's generosity, hanging out with all my Willis family, carne asada lunch, enjoying Epcot at Disney World, ibuprofen, pasta dinner, all the wonderful people and cultures from around the world
1.10- making it 10 miles in the Disney Half-Marathon race without dying, my Aunt Konny giving me a medal, sleep and recovery, a very hot long shower, chatting with my Aunt Kathy and cousin Karly, pizza, watching an awesome football game where my Cardinals kicked booty!! (wahoo!), sleep
1.11- hanging out with my cousins, my Aunt Konny's generosity, having a ball at Disney's Hollywood Adventures park, yummy bbq pork sandwich, sleep

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