Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Are A Happy Family!

Thursday January 22, 2009Today was a pretty great day. After the morning routinely stuff me and the fam went to my work where I got my schedule and name badge and all that good stuff. Then we went to the library which is awesome- it's so quaint and cute. Plus it's right in down-time Lake Geneva which has such a fun and cute vibe to it. After we got our books we went to a local pizza place that's really close by. The pizza was dee-licious! Unfortunately it's a little pricey so we're still on the hunt for our favorite pizza place. After we got home I read to Baily for a little bit and then we were just hanging out being silly and taking goofy pictures as you can see. It was such a simple moment but one I'll never forget. How I cherish my family! Joaquin was one pooped out little boy and could barely stay awake to play with his toy. I love that kid. He's always cracking me up. Today nothing extraordinary happened but it was a day of much awesomeness! I'm so very grateful to be part of such a happy family who I love with all my heart!

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