Thursday, January 22, 2009

A long way home...

Monday January 19, 2009
So early Monday morning we started our trek out west... er- east that is- northeast to be precise. It was to be a 1700 mile trip made in 2 days because that's all we could afford to stop;) My niece Emely was with us and we were to drop here off in St. Louis with her husband. We managed to leave only half an hour behind our goal which we were proud of. After a sweet family prayer offered by my Abuelita in which we all held hands (I don't know why but I just loved that), and a stop for gas we were on the road. It was so much better to be in our spacious van instead of the U-Haul and already in Show Low which saves at least about 2 or 3 hours and with a niece who my kids love who helped us out so much. Of course, since it was a very long trip, the whole no eating in the van rule was thrown out the window- as you can see by my very scruffy little boy. Yes, our van was packed to the max and it looked like a food bomb went off but the kids were content with minimal crying (no crying from Baily at all in fact) so the mess was well worth it. We went through New Mexico, then Texas where we saw this huge cross- the biggest I'd ever seen and then Oklahoma where I thought these wind thingys were pretty cool. I'm sorry to say but I was not very impressed by Texas or Oklahoma. All the dead grass and cows and flat lands got pretty old after a while. We stayed the night in Tulsa, OK in the crappiest motel I've ever been in and was scared I would catch a disease or be mugged. I didn't even take a shower and trust me, I needed it. But we made it through the night and our first day of the trip ended up going quite smoothly. My ear even popped back into place after being out for like a million and 3 days!

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Dickey Family said...

Where was the cross you saw? I can't tell from the picture, but I live 30 minutes from a cross just like that. Were you on I-40? If yes you passed my town!!