Friday, January 16, 2009

Stunt show at Disney's Hollywood Adventures

This stunt show was SO cool!


Andrea said...

Crazy wierd moment in time just now.... I was reading your blog, catching up on you and your life, and then I go back to my blog, and I have a new comment... from who?? From you! Meaning, we were reading about EACHOTHER at the exact same moment in time! Now that's sweet. :) I feel very connected to you right now Samuel.

Malissa said...

That's awesome! Yay you get to see Robert today...I bet you're SO excited!! Tonio saw him the other night at Circle K!! We sure do miss you guys! You're looking more amazing in each picture I see! Jealous! We still do need to do a girls weekend!!

The Dominguez Family said...

Wow... sounds like you had a great time on you trip... That is one of our goals... to take a trip to Disney World... Yeah I wish I did have an aunt like yours does she want to adopt me? Well I am glad to hear that you and the kids are doing good out there.