Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Thursday January 1, 2009
Happy New Year everyone! Today was pretty uneventful but that's totally fine. We hung out as a family and just took it easy. I love the start of a fresh new year. It's so refreshing for me and it totally kicks me into gear and gets me going on accomplishing goals and ambitions. As I went over new goals and resolutions for this year I was happy to be able to cross off some of them from last year. Not as many as I would have liked but still some. I'm looking foward to being a much more diligent and faithful daughter of my Heavenly Father and finding joy in the journey as our dear Prophet, President Monson, has admonished us to do. It's going to be a great year. I know it will have it's ups and downs but I feel motivated as Elder Wirthlin admonished to always have the attitude, "come what may and love it." And so my theme for this year will be Come What May and Love It and Always Find Joy In the Journey!
Yesterday was a busy day. But before I get to that here's some pictures of my cute, cute boy looking for a toy to play with. Um... how could you not love this boy?! And in case any of you were wondering (which you most likely weren't but I'm gonna include it anyway), here's some pics of my living quarters here at the Holwick Home. It's a wee bit cramped but I'm grateful for the room and it really is starting to feel like home which is good since it may be a while until we can be in our very own home for once. Anyway yesterday we visited my Aunt Misty (my step-mom's sister) who lives in a home where she gets help because she's quadrapalegic (sp?). It was just Patty, Baily and I. We had a nice visit with her and that felt good. Then we came back to the house, ate lunch and Joaquin and Eyan joined us as we went to my Aunt Holly's house to drop off a gift and visit for a while which was nice as well. My kids love their Aunt Holly- she's so much fun and plays with them. She hooked up Baily with some cool new blocks that Baily LOVES and a few other toys. After that we rushed home, Patty and Eyan stayed home and Jensen joined me and the kids and we went to my cousin Sarah and her husband Matt's house for their little New Year's Eve get-together. Pretty much none of the cousins that were invited didn't come but Matt's brother and his "friend" came and it was a lot of fun. Sarah made some good food and we watched youtube videos and played Catch Phrase and laughed our heads off. It was lots of fun. We had to leave early though because I didn't want to be on the roads when all the drunkards were out. When we got home Patty had prepared a lot of other good food to munch on. Unfortunately she had to work which was a bummer. Joaquin crashed as soon as we got home and Baily played for a while but just couldn't stay up until midnight. After she was asleep the rest of us played a round of Apples to Apples. It seemed like time was dragging though because I was SO tired. Right before midnight me and dad hung out and chatted for a bit and then Eyan joined us to say Happy New Year and for the New Year's toast. And then after that I crashed hard. It was fun but I just wish I had my man here with me. 4 more days until I get to kiss him!

Today we just sorta hung out. My dad has had the tradition of eating black eyed peas every New Year's Day for years and I never knew about it. It's supposed to bring you good luck for the year so I'm all over that. My dad made a yummy pot and it was delicious. Joaquin loved them too! Baily had a blast jamming to some jazz concert my dad was watching on tv. That girl loves her music! And Joaquin was pretty fussy today. I think the poor little fella may be teething again. He's got a pretty horrible diaper rash and he was awfully cuddly (which I didn't mind that part one bit). But he did take time to enjoy a peppermint stick, one of his new favorite treats, and take time to cuddle with his Uncle Jensen whom he just loves. It was pretty uneventful like I said but not a bad way to start off a new year. I got all my goals accomplished today so I'm off to a great start. Here we go!

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