Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the road again.

Tuesday January 20, 2009
After saying a prayer of gratitude for making it through the night in our ghetto motel and a hearty breakfast order from McDonald's we were back on the road again. Technically the 2nd day should have gone faster than the first because we had less miles to cover but it didn't. Once we started it wasn't long before we were in Missouri which was a break for our eyes as it was beautiful country. However, after being advised from many sources to not stop if you can help it because there are a lot of prejudiced rednecks and we weren't exactly a white group it was a little scary when we had to stop for gas. And I've never seen so many adult shops in my life. Sheesh! But it really was beautiful. Joaquin was getting pretty restless so we got him a beef stick and he was one happy camper. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but man does that boy love meat! Whenever he eats a meal you can count on him only wanting the meat part of it and a lot of it at that. He will definitely not be a vegetarian from what we can tell. As we were almost to St. Louis we saw a semi on fire. It was crazy! Luckily we saw the driver walking out by the truck so we were relieved to know that he wasn't caught in that fire. As we were getting into St. Louis it was so cute how excited my niece Emely was to see her hubby. You could just feel her excitement! Once we got there we met her husband D at a buffet where he treated us to a hearty, delicious lunch. It was nice catching up with him and seeing his and Emely's excitement to be reunited. Oh... young love! We were sad to leave her but alas we had to get back on the road. And from then on was the longest part of the trip. We kept having to stop for Baily because for some reason her bladder decided to shrink to the size of a mustard seed and then we got sidetracked and of course a couple of times. Why is it when you're so close to home and you just want to get there nothing goes your way?! Must be murphy's law. At least Joaquin slept most of the time and Baily pretty much just chilled and entered her own imaginary world. We also jammed out to a lot of music and just tried to laugh about our frustrations on the road. Once we got out of stupid Rockford, IL (2 cities I now hate are Tulsa and Rockford) and into sweet Wisconsin I was so relieved and really truly felt like I was home. It was 3 degrees with about a foot and half of snow but it was beautiful and I was just so happy to be home with my hubby as a complete family. We got something to bring to the house to eat and once we got home and ate real quick I took a much needed and appreciated shower and crashed. The kids were SOOO happy to be out of the car and back home. Joaquin was even dancing and giggling. It was so cute. The dogs were happy to see the kids and the kids were happy to see the dogs. Sweetness.


*~Brandi~* said...

Hi Sarha I am glad you guys made it safely home from your road trip. I just moved from Nevada back to Arizona so I was on my own road trip aswell. Now its job hunting and I think I am going to go back to scholl. Good Luck to you your kidos are so cute.

Julie said...

The longest we have done with G is 13 hours, I was surprised how good she did! Make the kiddos a map so they can document a real road trip!! They have probabley been in more states than me:)