Monday, July 13, 2009

Work, Work & A Wedding

Friday was a little bit of a long day working a double in the morning. I don't remember much about when I got home except I was tired, we went to Wal-Mart, had McD's for dinner and I fell asleep pretty early. Fun, eh?
Saturday I worked a split so it wasn't too bad. I was still pretty wiped out though. Robert was off so he got a whole lotta time to spend with the kiddos and they were happy about that. Man they sure love their poppa! In between shifts I came home and got to watch them having some summer fun in the sprinkler. Good times these summer activities are!
I ended up getting an awesome shift to work that only lasted about an hour and a half so I was stoked about that. I came home in time to have a movie night with the fam and it was super. We watched School of Rock while we camped out on my bed and pigged out on popcorn, candy and soda. I loved every minute of it. Times like those are the ones I cherish most.
Sunday started out pretty rough and ended quite fabulously. I missed church. It was rough. Robert and the kids went so that was great. I love my husband. He really is the best ever. After church they came home, we had a quick bite and we headed up to Milwaukee to Boerner Botanical Gardens for Robert's boss's wedding. It was a GORGEOUS day- perfect weather once again and the venue was beautiful. I was not feeling well at first (dang you UTI's!) but I got better and we had such a fun time. It was nice getting to know Robert's co-workers and hanging out with them. They all seem so cool and nice. The food was delicious, my kids behaved wonderfully, we danced and boogied the night away, we got lots of candy favors to take home- it was just a blissful evening. It was a good time had by all. Sweet.
And that's how our pretty fab weekend went.
Discussion Questions:
How often does your family eat out?
What's one of your favorite family movies to watch?
What's one of your favorite wedding memories besides your own?


Niki said...

If I could get Carson to watch it with me it would sooo be Juno. Love that movie!

Karen said...

We eat out too much and we don't have a fav. movie to watch all together. Kaily likes her disney and Conner just likes whatever is on. My favorite wedding memory since being married would have to be a toss up between Daniel and A's wedding and Beth and Brian's wedding. We had so much fun at both just being with family.

Julie said...

eat out- maybe once a month, we do movie night every friday loving the classics chitty bang, mary poppins, best wedding, my sisters last year