Monday, July 13, 2009


3.20- "Cute 'chick-a-wa-wa'!" (That's how she says chihuahua.)
3.22- Robert gave her a Priesthood blessing of comfort because she's been really sick. After he's done she says "Ok. Hen'ly Fadder will make me feel better now." Melted my heart!
6.30- "Jesus loves me mom."
She was playing with the dogs and I overheard her saying "Reach for the sky..." Can you tell she like Toy Story?
7.1- "Mom, you're my bestest friend ever!"
"I just love my family so much!"
7.2- We were talking about trying to convince daddy that we need a new baby in the family and Baily kept insisting that she wants 2 babies (I concur!). Then out of the clear blue she says "Mom I just want a new baby brother named Broccoli." What the?!
I told her to go get her shoes and she looks at me and says in a very annoyed manner "Yes. Sir." Excuse me!

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