Sunday, July 19, 2009

Splish Splash

Saturday July 18, 2009
Yesterday was pretty much awesome. We got to go to the Lindon waterpark with my cousin Amy and her family. The water was perfect and not freezing like most little kid water parks are and we all had a blast. After the water park we went to Amy's house from some pizza and it was so good. I must have been craving pizza or something because it really hit the spot. Amy and I were so tired though so I cut the visit a little short and headed home. There's not a whole lot to say except what I already said. Yesterday was pretty much awesome- good summer fun!

Discussion Question:
What's your favorite water park?

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Janel said...

We had SO much fun golfland/Sunslash last year. Marks employer does a big party for their people and families every year, and this was our fave. I loved taking the kids, they are daredevils which is even more fun. We all went on that big white one that looks like a taco....its is SO FLIPPIN SCARY!!! The heavier rider (always me!) has to go down BACKWARDS! Talk about pee my pants!! Awesome!