Monday, July 20, 2009

Blessings from 7.13-7.19

7.13- my van, perfect weather AGAIN, summertime, wet & smooth sand on my toes, fun day at the beach with family, new bike trailer that Patty bought for us and using it on a fun bike ride with the kids around the block, lavender baby lotion, Dr. Pepper, my camera
7.14- haircut & highlights by my awesome dad, think I did real well on my Telecommunications job test, my babies, getting my toenails all purtied up, getting my house clean, a fast washer & dryer, my hubby
7.15- a safe flight and making it through the trip to Utah even though I thought I would not make it, air conditioning, delivery pizza from Papa Johns, reuniting with my little sibs whom I adore, my Aunt Konny, my Aunt Konny's amazing collection of movies
7.16- a good night's sleep, being able to borrow my cousin Aaron's car, an awesome visit and reunion with my beautiful momma, my cousin Amy, Mackenzie saving Joaquin's life when he dove into the pool, my cousin's awesome meal of Lomo Saltado- mmmm!, kids enjoying their childhood, good times at cousin's house, warm apple pie
7.17- pay day was more than I expected, getting scheduled enough shifts to make up for my time in Utah and knowing we'll be able to pay rent, Krispy Kreme donuts, grocery shopping and having food!, shells and cheese for lunch, getting in to visit my mom even though it seemed almost impossible, Sonic ice, kids bedtime
7.18- fabulous time at Lindon water park with kids and cousins, singing Primary songs with my sister and cousins in the car, Little Ceasar's pizza at cousin Amy's house, chattin' with cousin Amy, Aunt Konny doing all our laundry
7.19- awesome visit with my mom, hot showers, cousin Michelle and Aaron watching my kids so I could have a peaceful visit with my mom, Joaquin not dying when he escaped from cousin's house, Taco Bell mexican pizzas, smell of mountain rain, Willis family taco salad tradition, visiting with cousins and loving my roots, kids having a blast, beautiful summer night and weather, cousin Amy's hubby and his dad's Patriotic music concert, Baily's first sleepover, loves from my Bubba


The Dominguez Family said...

i bet you are not missing these 115 degrees days are you?
It sounds like you guys are doing really well up there...
how is robert doing with no family up there?

Anonymous said...

You just blow me work, you mom, you blog and you mom. AMAZING!

Well, except for the sneaky 2 pictures of me in that one slide show, I pretty much loved it all! I really am impressed with how nice your blog looks and how you are able to keep up with it all. You've been gone for a week now and I am just barely getting around to checking on your blog. (hey, Reese, I checked yours too!)
It was really great to see you and your kids, and Zach and Kenzie. We have a "Zach" reminder everytime we turn on the Xbox, now. He apparently has a lot of contacts in the "Xbox" world, and they log in frequently! :)

BeauandEbenHolwick said...

Hey Sis! How goes it!? Love the video..reminds me how blessed I am as well, not to be a woman of course, but to be surrounded by many great women in my life, such as my wonderful wife, and sisters. Love you Sis. And hey, go check out the videos we put up on our blog recently...Adley is such a stud! Ciao!