Monday, July 13, 2009


3.20- Spring is here!, turkey bacon melt for breakfast...
3.23- seeing progress in weight loss, snuggling with my bug, Baily's fever breaking for a little bit, the cutest noises Joaquin was making during his bath, watching DWTS with my girl, FINALLY catching up my blog
4.6- my egg whites tasting good this morning, back to BFL nice and clean, a really good day with the kiddos, Joaquin's giggle, Baily's smile, Motreal steak seasoning, doing service with my kiddos, fulfilling church responsibilities, being happy
6.30- PERFECT weather, no dog poop on the floor, good dinner, happy kids, yummy dinner, getting the crazy monster on the side of the house trimmed back into a bush and my awesome step-mom helping with yard work, the internet, my beautiful flowers and all the greenery in my yard
7.1- Joaquin sleeping in until 8:45 when it was my turn to get up with him (unheard of!), getting my house nice and tidy clean, the nice cool weather in July, Baily loving peas and rice with veggies, fresh fruit, So You Think You Can Dance, dancing and talent, music, Joaquin taking a 2 1/2 hour nap so I could be more productive, delicious new snack I made and will for sure become a family staple, home-made banana nut muffins, B's sweet prayers
7.2- J slept in until 9 and then took a 2 hour nap and B let me nap in that time (amazing!), perfect weather, Robert getting off work early, pretzel/peanut bark, hot dogs, no cooking for dinner, my awesome step-mom, the Internet, STYCD, playing at the park, my awesome kids
7.9- perfect weather, leftover chicken enchiladas, nice stroll around the block, laughing at Joaquin instead of screaming at him for eating a whole tube of my lipstick, music and dancing, mormon messages on youtube, delicious baked penne pasta dinner, cheese!

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