Thursday, July 09, 2009

4th of July Weekend & Summer Stuff

Wow. It's amazing how I can go from such a high day to such a low day in just one, well... day. After my great July 1st and start to a new 2nd half of the year I got an earache that was horrible on the 2nd. I wasted the day away sleeping and being in pain. Blegh. We did manage to go to the park though for a little bit since Robert got off early which was nice.
On Friday the 3rd I had to work and that was not fun. I really wanted to be with my family but sometimes you just gotta work. The event we did was awful and even though I tried so hard to make the best out of it during the fireworks I broke down. I got really emotional and was really missing my mom. But alas, I made it through. Robert had to work on the 4th and so did I which again, wasn't thrilled about but it's work. I did get to go to the little Pell Lake Town parade with my kids, my dad and brother Eyan so that was cool. Work wasn't as bad as the night before which I was grateful for. But I came home that night thinking this was a pretty crappy 4th. The 4th of July is usually my favorite holiday (which is weird since I'm not a big fan of summer, but I'm weird) and it just didn't seem like the 4th this year. I didn't have to work on Sunday which was good but Robert still had to work which was not good. I was feeling really sick on Sunday morning and extremely tired since I didn't make it home until 2am that morning from work so I missed church again which I hate. I feel like such a lame Sunday School teacher when I miss so much and so irresponsible not to mention how much I miss that much-needed spiritual boost. I did feel better later on after I got some sleep and me and the kids went over to my pappa's house for some delicious bbq which is exactly what I needed to add some 4th of July spirit to my soul. It was sooo good and the kids had fun playing with the hose and water thingy and I enjoyed catching up and chatting with Patty.

I am so lucky to have moved into a home where my step-mom Patty had planted all these awesome flowers that I LOVE when she lived here. She told me that these red lilies would bloom on the 4th of July and I thought that was so cool. So sure enough, right on the 4th of July, these babies bloomed. I call them my Firework Lilies now. I love 'em. The daisies have also bloomed like crazy and I just adore them. They really are such a happy flower!

On Monday the weather was so perfect and since I'm trying to be a more active, fun mom I'm trying to get my kids out for more activities. I guess the park works just fine for that because that's all I had time for and it was pretty awesome. I love the weather and Summer here!

Just my babies enjoying the process and product of some delicious peanut butter chip chocolate cookies. Yum!
I recently found out that the local theatre here shows free kids movies in the Summer at 9am on Tuesdays so I thought that would be something fun to try out. This past Tuesday they showed The Tale of Despereaux. We had to buy our popcorn and drink but it was free for all of us to get in. Sweet! We made it about an hour and then the kids were done. It was pretty early for us (as you can tell from my horrible picture with no make-up- sorry!) but it was nice not having to worry about leaving since we didn't have to pay to get in!
I don't have any pictures but last night we had the missionaries over for a delicious chicken enchilada dinner and it was so nice. They are such nice boys and gave us some good missionary goals that I'm excited about. I've always wanted to be a better missionary and having them over was just the motivation I needed!

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Niki said...

Your kids are getting so big. That's totally not supposed to happen! But they're oh so cute. J only had a couple teeth when you guys left! Love the flowers. The most exciting one that grows in the summer here is Periwinkle. Blah...

Show Low was oh so pretty when I drove through on the 4th. They've gotten some rain and everything was lush and green looking. I miss it already!