Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I’ve been busy, busy. I’m doing great with the challenge so far. Saturday was a little bit of a slip up, but I must say I’ve exercised amazing mind muscle and will power which is a major accomplishment for me. I’ve been seconds away from quitting the challenge and putting it off yet again but I’ve stuck with it. I can’t help but get the thoughts and feelings of my unhappiness before I started out of my head every time I think about quitting which is exactly what I wanted to do in that situation. We are so broke but I’ve been able to get some money for baby-sitting my cousin Becca’s kids for a couple hours a day this week. I was able to get my groceries for only $46. I did have some food left-over from last week and my menu is a little boring but it’s a sacrifice I’m definitely willing to make. I also decided to try to start using Trim Spa as a supplement. I’m pretty hesitant about it having side effects or just being a waste of money, but I decided to give it a try. It was pretty cheap too. Tonight I went to Emely’s birthday dinner at Old Country Buffet. There were so many tempting treats, but I’m so, so proud of myself for eating clean. I had a couple bites of unauthorized food but I did awesome and exercised some major will power. I’m so into the BFL zone right now… like I’ve never, ever been before. I am constantly trying to visualize accomplishing my goals and am so ready to give it all I have… and I’m doing it! It feels great. I’m actually starting to develop some confidence in myself that I will actually follow through on this. I’m truly, truly excited. I noticed today how happy I am. I’m just happy and content right now. I feel almost a new zest for life… and it’s only the second week!
BFL isn’t my only reason for this change in attitude and feeling right now. I’m doing so well about keeping all my goals/resolutions. No, I haven’t been perfect, but my attitude of not giving up and willing to accept mistakes and move on, is making all the difference. I feel more productive and grateful.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch Becca’s kids this week. She has done so much for me and it’s nice to be able to give something back… even though she’s paying me. It seems like this week I just got super, duper busy and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up any time soon. But I love to be busy.
I have a test for a company tomorrow called Transcipt Express. We’re hoping that if it works out, I will be able to do a little work from home so we can overcome these financial problems we are having. I hate money!! We’re solely surviving on pure faith right now that Heavenly Father is going to help through this rut and get caught up on our bills. Especially our tithing. I hate that we ever let ourselves get behind… we have done so well all year- perfect even. We so badly need the blessings of tithing. I just need to trust Him that he’ll help us do what’s right. I don’t like to dwell on this though because I choose to stress out about it. So right now I’m just doing all that I can as far as learning about and pursuing these opportunities to make some extra income without having to leave my home and baby, and having faith in Christ. Robert had some testing tomorrow for a job with the post office and few possible opportunities through a colleague of his. I know something will come out of all this if we are just faithful and obedient. So that's that’s what we’ll do. At least I know that’s what I’ll do. I can’t really speak for him on this.
I really need to go to sleep now. I’ve been up way too late lately. I realize very much that I need to control this addiction I have of spending so much time on the Internet… especially with the blogs and BFL tracker! I need to be more productive! But in the spirit of focusing on progress and strengths I am doing much better as a person and liking who I am so much more than a mere couple of weeks ago!

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