Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Body-for-LIFE Day One

Today was a very good day. Day one of my BFL challenge was slammin’! I feel so much better physically and it feels great to feel my muscles under all this fat. I know that’s coming from my work-out this morning. I felt much more energized today. I did wake up a lot later than I wanted to but I still did everything well. We were able to get some bills payed today and I was still able to get groceries. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get any since we’re so broke and that I wouldn’t be able to do the challenge since I couldn’t get food. But I did and I’m so excited to be moving forward. The easy part of starting is done so now I need to just put my shoulder to the wheel and push hard! I need to stay motivated and I did good making sure that was a priority by watching 15 minutes of the Body Of Work movie. That always motivates me so much. I got quite a bit accomplished today and feel really good about myself. I need to enjoy this high right now because I know there will be lows. I really need to focus more on the charity and letting go of the bitterness that I’m holding onto because it’s eating at me. I hate the contention that’s in my home and I know I’m a big part of contributing to it. Other than that, life is good and I’m doing better… I feel like I’m a better person today than I was yesterday which is what really matters. Oh, and I only spent $71 on groceries today. Yay me! My limit was $75 and I price matched like crazy at Wal-Mart and resisted so many impulse purchases that I wanted to buy. That’s a huge success for me!

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